Analysts Say Angry Pepe Fork Will Outshine Pepe Soon – Two Top Crypto Coins To Buy in the Dip

Analysts Say Angry Pepe Fork Will Outshine Pepe Soon – Two Top Crypto Coins To Buy in the Dip

The recent Ethereum ETF approval has further boosted the crypto market visibility with monthly crypto market investment inflow hitting a record $2B in May. Among the top crypto tokens triggering these rallies are meme coins, which have witnessed massive adoption in recent months. With newer projects leading most of the rallies, analysts believe that Angry Pepe Fork will outshine Pepe in the coming weeks. Also, with the market witnessing a correction, investors are accumulating SingularityNET and Worldcoin which are projected for massive returns in the coming weeks. 

Angry Pepe Fork – the Top Crypto Coin Projected for 20x

While SingularityNet and Worldcoin are battling the bears, Angry Pepe Fork is becoming a leading crypto investment destination. For those who missed the Pepe Coin rally of the past few months, Angry Pepe Fork has been tipped to outshine Pepe in the coming weeks. As such, APORK is seen as one of the best cryptos to invest in 2024. 

The Angry Pepe Fork presale, which started recently, is already gaining traction, with whales accumulating the token. At stage 1 of the presale, the APORK token is sold for $0.014 with a 10% bonus attached for new buyers. Analysts have picked it as the next 100x Solana meme coin and project 20x rallies in Q3. As such, now is the best time to buy the top crypto coin. 

Meanwhile, Angry Pepe Fork is a community-driven project with the goal of conquering zombie meme coins and reigning supreme. Users can earn through completing quests or via the staking model. Unlike other meme coins, the APORK staking dApp will be live at the presale. Using its armies, APORK will conquer these meme coins. As more zombie meme coins are conquered, the APY of the APORK army increases. 

Already, the team is in partnership talks with major brands to add more utilities in the future. With a total supply of 1.9B tokens, APORK is determined to keep the token value in check, which will boost the price in the long term. Above all, APORK’s strong use case and booming community make it one of the best cryptos to invest in now.  

SingularityNet Price Analysis – Can the AGIX Token Hit $1.5 in July?

After the ASI token launch was shifted to July 15 due to technical and logistic issues, the SingularityNET price has continued to dip. In the past few weeks, it has not made any significant gains, according to data from CoinMarketCap. However, analysts project a bright future based on the SingularityNet market cap, which is still within the $1B range.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Binance will support the token merge of, SingularityNet and Ocean Protocol with deposit and withdrawal set to be suspended on July 1st. With the upcoming merge and massive interest in AI tokens, SingularityNet price is set to boom in the coming weeks. 

Worldcoin Price Projected For Massive Rallies

Worldcoin is one of the top crypto coins that has witnessed massive adoption in the past few months. Launched by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Worldcoin aims to build the world’s largest identity and financial network, providing individuals with an easy way to verify that they are real humans and not bots or AI algorithms. 

Its affliction with AI has triggered massive adoption, with the Worldcoin price gaining over 100% in the YTD price metric. The token has also hit key milestones in the year, setting a new ATH record of $11.82 in March. Although the market has not been favorable for some days, Whales Crypto Trading, a top analyst, projects a rally soon. With Apple integrating ChatGpt soon, Worldcoin price predictions tip it to hit $20 in Q3. 

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