Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 200 Million Users

Binance Celebrates
Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 200 Million Users

Key Takeaways:

  1. Binance Celebrates 7th Anniversary: Binance marks its seventh anniversary with over 200 million users worldwide.
  2. ‘Be Binance’ Campaign Launch: The campaign rewards customers with activities and contests across 19 countries.
  3. Educational Focus for Growth: Binance emphasizes education to reach the goal of one billion Web3 users.

YEREVAN ( — Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is marking its seventh anniversary. The exchange now has over 200 million users worldwide, highlighting its significant presence in the digital asset industry.

Binance's 7th Anniversary Campaign Announcement"

Source: TOBTC
Binance’s 7th Anniversary Campaign Announcement. Source: TOBTC

Binance Celebrates 200 Million Users with Global ‘Be Binance’ Campaign

To commemorate this milestone, Binance has introduced a campaign called “Be Binance.” Rachel Conlan, Binance’s chief marketing officer, stated that the campaign aims to reward and celebrate the company’s loyal customers.

“Through determination, curiosity, and responsibility, we’ve faced challenges and reaped rewards, thanks to our 200 million users. As we journey toward financial freedom, we stay true to our values: humility, kindness, collaboration, and gratitude,”

Conlan said.

The “Be Binance” campaign includes activities such as in-person meet-ups, virtual events, and social media contests. The campaign will occur in 19 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Spain, and Benin. Participants can win a share of $7,000 worth of Binance’s BNB tokens and other merchandise.

Binance Turns 7 Celebration" Source: Binance Announcement
Binance Turns 7 Celebration. Source: Binance Announcement

Education Key to Binance’s Massive User Growth and Trading Volume

Binance sees substantial growth potential beyond its current user base. Rachel Conlan emphasized the importance of education in attracting more users.

“Education and raising awareness are absolutely key. 200 million+ is an impressive number, but both the industry and our user base still have massive potential for growth,”

she said.

Binance’s daily trading volume exceeds $25.3 billion, making it more than seven times larger than Coinbase, which has a daily trading volume of $3.3 billion. The exchange gained its first 100 million users in five years and reached 200 million in two more years. Over 30 million new users joined in the first half of 2024.

Top crypto exchanges. Source: CoinMarketCap
Top crypto exchanges. Source: CoinMarketCap

Binance Sets Sights on One Billion Web3 Users with ‘Be Binance’ Campaign

Binance aims to reach one billion Web3 users.

“A few years ago, 200 million users looked like something from a sci-fi movie. Today, onboarding the first billion to Web3 feels like an attainable target,”

Conlan said.

The “Be Binance” campaign is part of this effort, offering activities and educational initiatives.

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