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Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally

Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate 'Nobody' Hosts Keene's 420 Rally

There’s an individual called ‘Nobody’ competing to be the next mayor of Keene, the libertarian enclave and crypto mecca located in New Hampshire. On September 21, the bitcoin cash-accepting mayoral candidate announced the 10th anniversary of the annual 420 Rally will be held this weekend on September 28. ‘Nobody’ and the event’s organizers are hoping to see some civil disobedience during the annual pot rally at Central Square.

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Nobody Plans for Civil Disobedience at the Keene Cannabis Rally

On Saturday, September 28, the mayoral candidate named Nobody has announced the 10th anniversary 420 Rally will be held at 4:20 p.m. EDT. The candidate is a libertarian activist who formerly went by the surname Rich Paul but legally changed his name to Nobody. The Keene campaigner asserts that if he is elected he will “reduce the size and scope of government” as much as he possibly can.

Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally

If Nobody gets elected he’s told the public that he will attempt to end the war on drugs and laws against prostitution. In addition to his staunch libertarian stance, Nobody accepts cryptocurrencies for donations. Currently, Nobody accepts cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (BCH), BTC, DASH, and XLM. The candidate’s website explains why people should vote for Nobody to be Keene’s next mayor:

Nobody will end the foreign wars and Nobody will end the war on drug users. Nobody will end the war on prostitutes and Nobody will end the war on gamblers. Nobody will let you live your life your way and Nobody will fix the economy. Nobody will tell you the truth and Nobody knows the trouble you’ve seen, because Nobody does it better.

Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally
Nobody, the man formerly known as Rich Paul, is running for Mayor in Keene and accepts bitcoin cash (BCH) and three other cryptocurrencies.

For the 10th anniversary 420 Rally in Keene, Nobody, Executive Director, and the 420 Foundation plan to host a peaceful assembly to “demand redress of the grievances of the victims of the drug war.” “We have made a lot of progress in 10 years, but we have a long way left to go,” Nobody’s announcement details. “We have gained medical, we have gained decriminalization, we have, most recently, loosened the cruel and pointless constraints on medical marijuana — Most importantly, we have won the hearts and minds of the people but we are not done.” Nobody insists that his plan to win the war on drugs will emulate the examples in Sweden and Portugal. Moreover, his mayoral candidacy is not the end of his campaign. Nobody revealed he will be speaking about his race for governor and vice-president at the 420 Rally on Saturday.

Nobody Is a Longtime Free Stater, Cannabis and Crypto Activist

Nobody was arrested for selling cannabis in 2013 and was jailed when he first moved to the libertarian enclave. “They threw me in jail for a while and they let me out,” Nobody explained to the Union Leader in August. Nobody told the public at his trial that there was an FBI conspiracy that was targeting the Free State movement activists residing in the region. The Union Leader notes that court records indicate the informant who Nobody sold the drugs to worked for the FBI. Free Keene blog author Ian Freeman (the co-host of Free Talk Live) also announced the 420 Rally scheduled for Saturday and wrote that Nobody is a veteran Free Stater who promotes marijuana and cryptocurrencies. “Nobody is a longtime Keene resident that loves cannabis, cryptocurrency, and freedom,” Freeman wrote on September 21. “He’s a blogger here at Free Keene and has also launched a campaign website at” Freeman’s blog post added:

Definitely stay tuned to the hottest and likely most entertaining mayoral race in Keene for years.

Keene and New Hampshire, in general, is called the Free State because many freedom-loving residents have changed laws for the better and its people consider the state one of the freest in the country. There’s also a very dense population of libertarians who live there and cryptocurrencies are thriving in the state. A few Bitcoin Cash developers reside in the Free State and the payment processor Anypay is also based in New Hampshire.

Bitcoin Cash-Accepting Mayoral Candidate ‘Nobody’ Hosts Keene’s 420 Rally
Nobody has made local headlines in New Hampshire.

In addition to BCH proponents, the Free State has a decent number of Dash community members residing there. Nobody is also one of the rare politicians to accept cryptocurrency donations, and not just one but four different assets. The 420 Rally in Keene aims to have participants meet up at “Keene’s Central Square at 4:20 p.m. to smoke cannabis in an act of mass civil disobedience protesting New Hampshire’s insane drug prohibition,” according to Freeman. Both Freeman and Nobody hope people can join the rally and the mayoral candidate reminded people to bring some marijuana to share.

“Bring your own bud, and some to share,” Nobody concluded. “Even though [New Hampshire] is safer due to decriminalization, be careful if you have more than 21 grams.”

What do you think about Nobody’s campaign and the 420 Rally being held on September 28th? What do you think about Nobody’s candidacy for Keene’s mayoral seat? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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