BNB Reaches New ATH While Monero Sees An Upsurge, Is Angry Pepe Fork Up Next?

BNB Reaches New ATH While Monero Sees An Upsurge, Is Angry Pepe Fork Up Next?

Binance is one of the top crypto exchanges that has gained global traction. Despite the challenges the exchange has faced with SEC, its native token, BNB, has witnessed massive rallies, hitting an all-time high of $718. This has triggered massive adoption of the token. Aside from Binance, one of the top crypto coins on an upsurge is Monero, which has seen investors’ interest grow.  Meanwhile, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is another top crypto coin that is making waves in the market. With its Conquer to Earn feature, analysts tip it to return 50x in the coming months.

Angry Pepe Fork Gears Up for a Major Bullish Surge

Angry Pepe Fork is a revolutionary meme coin that wants to conquer the crypto market. The project aims to dominate other meme coins and establish itself as one of the best cryptos in the world. For investors who missed the Pepe rally, APORK is not a project to miss. It is the hottest Solana based meme coin set to outshine top meme coins in 2024. 

Angry Pepe Fork is not just a meme coin; it is an opportunity for the APORK army to earn through the conquer-to-earn model. The staking dApp will be live at presale to give users an opportunity to earn. As the APORK army conquers more zombie meme coins, the APY increases. Also, individuals who showcase their bravery on the battlefield are rewarded with APORK tokens. 

Meanwhile, the $APORK token is in stage 1 of the presale and sold for $0.014. Those who purchase now will get a 10% bonus on all purchases. While other meme coins do not have a fixed supply, APORK is different. The meme coin has a fixed supply of 1.9B, which will help to keep the value in check. Some analysts pick it as one of the top crypto coins to buy and forecast 250% in the presale. 

Meanwhile, the ecosystem is already in talks with partners to add more utilities. With its community-driven approach and upcoming partnership, APORK is set to take the market by storm. As such, analysts see APORK as the next 100x Solana-based meme coin and believe it will topple the likes of Dogwifhat and Bonk in 2024. We recommend you check it out. 

Binance Price Prediction – Is $1000 Feasible in 2024?

Even with the ongoing challenges faced by the Binance exchange, its native token, BNB, has maintained resilience. In the past few days, the BNB price has surged, smashing its previous 2021 record to set a new ATH record of $720 on June 6. Although the return of the bears has depleted the token, analysts are optimistic of a rally soon. 

According to CoinMarketCap data, the BNB price has surged by 165% in the past year and 8% in the past month. Meanwhile, the BNB trading volume has increased, with over $4.2B in daily trading activity, signalling the dominance of the bulls. With the bullish BNB market sentiment, notable analysts are projecting a rebound soon. As such, major BNB price predictions tip it to $1000 in 2024. 

Monero Price Outlook: XMR Poised To Reach $200

Monero (XMR) is among the best coins to invest in now with a bullish market sentiment. As per CoinMarketCap stats, Monero price has grown by 33% in the past month and 13% in the past week. Over 16 key market indicators are green with both the Monero trading volume and market cap in the uptrend. 

Zooming in, the technical analysis suggests an upcoming rally, with the token trading above the 50-day and 200-day SMAs. Also, the Monero Fear and Greed index shows extreme Greed (78), which shows it is in the accumulation zone. Monero has had 21 green days in the past month, which makes it one of the best crypto coins to buy now. With more rallies, the XMR price could hit $200 in June. 

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