Can Telegram’s TON Blockchain Realistically Attract 500M Users by 2028?

TON Blockchain
Can TON Blockchain Attract 500M Users by 2028?

NAIROBI (— Telegram claims to envision a world where transferring money is as simple as sending a text message, utilizing its TON blockchain to achieve this goal. Leveraging Telegram’s user base, the TON blockchain plans to achieve its goal of reaching 500 million users by 2028.

What Data Says?

Telegram currently boasts 900 million monthly active users, with projections to reach 1.5 billion by 2028.

TON blockchain
Telegram currently have 900 million monthly active users. Source: Statista

The TON Foundation targets 30% of this user base, driving their 500 million user goal. No other blockchain project has direct access to such a large pool of potential users. The user base gives TON an opportunity to introduce blockchain technology to millions.

Moreover, TON has shown early traction, surpassing Ethereum in daily active addresses less than a year after its official Telegram partnership.

TON blockchain
TON blockchain surpassed Ethereum in June. Source: X

The growth indicates strong momentum for the Toncoin platform. Additionally, TON’s success in the GameFi sector has emerged as a powerful driver for user acquisition.

Projects like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat attracted millions of users, with Notcoin accumulating over 40 million participants, largely through Telegram’s network.

TON Blockchain Notcoin
Notcoin surpassed major projects like SHIB and PEPE. Source: Messari

While 500 million users is ambitious, converting just 5% of Telegram’s current MAUs would make TON the most populated blockchain by monthly active addresses.

TON Blockchain
Monthly active users of Telegram, Ethereum, and Solana.

Even a more modest goal of 45-50 million users would represent a significant victory and justify its position among top crypto assets.

TON Blockchain’s Ecosystem Could Help With Mass Adoption

TON aims to become crypto’s preeminent mobile-first blockchain, aligning with current consumer technology trends. The project’s adaptive sharding architecture enables fast transactions, which could be crucial for supporting a massive user base without slowdowns.

Features like TON Proxy and garlic routing help resist censorship and reiterate crypto’s principle of privacy.

TON’s ecosystem hosts over 500 applications, spanning wallets, decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces, blockchain games, and DeFi platforms. Additionally, the Open League initiative, rewarding projects with strong on-chain metrics, plays a crucial role in this ecosystem development.

TON Blockchain
The Open League’s leaderboard.

Moroever, as more developers target on-chain activity to win rewards, TON’s utility and user retention should improve.

One of TON’s strongest advantages lies in its integration with Telegram. Features like Wallet bot allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies easily, making adoption easy for crypto newbies.

The recent launch of TON Space, a non-custodial wallet within Telegram, could help streamline blockchain interactions for potential users.

Challenges on the Way of Mass Adoption

Despite its good start, TON faces several hurdles. The limitations of FunC, TON’s native programming language, present a barrier for developers. Additionally, the current reliance on incentives from the TON Foundation raises questions about long-term sustainability.

Moreover, regulatory challenges, particularly in the US where Telegram’s native wallets are currently inaccessible, also pose significant obstacles.

Furthermore, TON’s asynchronous design presents development challenges that need resolution to attract developers to the platform. Additionally, TON faces stiff competition from established blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Solana.

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