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ChangeNOW is a non-custodial service created for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges. We strive for maximum safety, simplicity, and convenience. We do not store your funds or require any sort of account creation.

  • Limitless Exchanges
  • Absolute Safetly
  • Instant Exchange
  • Worldwide Trust
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ChangeNOW has more than 170 coins available for exchange and does not hold any limits; you can exchange as much as you want – account-free, worry-free, faster than light. The fiat option is also available – you can buy cryptocurrency with Visa or MasterCard through our third-party partner.

ChangeNOW international Ltd., a company incorporated in Belize
Registered address in Belize: Suite 102, Ground Floor, Blake Building, Corner Eyre & Hutson Streets, Belize City
Postal Address: Amsterdam, Kraanspoor 50, 1033 SE, Netherlands