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Cryptocurrency Scammers Utilize Tinder to Play the Long Con Game

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are often targeted by scammers. One of the most recent experiments to steal Bitcoin from users comes in the form of using Tinder.

Over the past few years, Tinder has become one of the most popular online dating platforms in the world.

Albeit it doesn’t always get the best reviews, it is still a commonly used service globally. 

Tinder is Dangerous for Crypto Enthusiasts

It appears the Tinder platform has now become a breeding ground for cryptocurrency scammers.

One Reddit report indicates Asian girls – or profiles pretending to be Asian girls – are actively trying to hook up with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

In doing so, they will then spread “information” regarding an up-and-coming cryptocurrency. 

It is evident that this is a load of nonsense, as that currency does not exist, nor will it become valuable in the future.

When one is confronted by beautiful members of the opposite sex, the sense of reason isn’t always present. 

It appears some of the scammers even go as far as chatting up users for several weeks prior to making their move.

Once the conversation begins, they will often mention some sort of shady exchange or trading platform. 

Anyone signing up for those platforms and depositing money will end up losing their balances accordingly. 

It would certainly not be the first time a pretty face clouds one’s judgment, particularly where finances are concerned. 

While it remains unclear how successful these scams are, it is still worth paying attention to regardless.

Tinder is a very commonly used platform by millions, including cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


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