Ethereum vs Bitcoin: ETH Holding Up Stronger Than BTC, Signalling Altcoin Season Might Be Near, Rollblock ($RBLK) Price Increase Imminent

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: ETH Holding Up Stronger Than BTC, Signalling Altcoin Season Might Be Near, Rollblock ($RBLK) Price Increase Imminent

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the pacesetters of the entire crypto world—and their status as the leading cryptocurrencies by market cap dictates the performance of the altcoin sector. While Bitcoin and Ethereum haven’t exactly set the world on fire with their recent performances, the fact that the current Ethereum price has been holding up better amid heavy sell-side pressure could be indicative of an imminent altcoin season in waiting. 

That makes promising presale gems with serious potential and utility, like Rollblock ($$RBLK), irresistible investment opportunities in 2024. Rollblock is building the first fully functional casino on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to enjoy the best of both decentralized and centralized worlds and play anytime, anywhere. With the Rollblock presale gaining a full head of steam and investor interest building to a crescendo, analysts predict its $RBLK token to surge upwards of 100x in the upcoming altcoin season.

Ethereum Price Holding Strong At $3,300 Ahead of July ETF Launch

The Ethereum price tanked by a substantial 5.5% last Monday, June 24th, amid a broader market correction that saw the total crypto market capitalization falling by 4.2% in the past 24 hours. However, Ethereum has held strong at $3,300 as of press time, demonstrating better resilience than Bitcoin. The development has sparked rumors of a potential altcoin season brewing, especially with the first spot Ethereum ETFs going live in less than two weeks from now. 

Is Bitcoin a Good Buy Right Now?

Bitcoin prices are approaching support at $60,000, trading at $61,000 at press time after a major market downturn. However, analysts believe that the correction is a good opportunity to “slurp the dip” after Bitcoin Relative Strength Index levels indicate that the asset is oversold. Should market sentiment improve—and if the Ethereum ETF approval ignites an altcoin season—BTC prices will be due for a solid trend reversal back to $70,000 and potentially new all-time highs.

Rollblock Presale Offers a Golden Opportunity to Invest In GambleFi and Casino Markets in 2024

For growth-focused investors, nothing beats investing in strong presale opportunities that could generate parabolic gains during the next altcoin season. In 2024, the smart money is getting in on the early action on Rollblock ($RBLK). Rollblock is the first Casino backed Play-to-Earn token that bridges the worlds of centralized casino gaming and decentralized Web3 gaming. 

Rollblock will feature the most popular table games and a robust sports betting platform, and its native token, $RBLK will underpin the protocol’s economy. $RBLK will facilitate transactions, payments, interactions, and exchanges of value within the Fairspin iGaming ecosystem and its affiliates. Unlike conventional centralized gambling platforms, Rollblock does not require players to complete KYC or identity verification. All it takes for users to play on Rollblock is to connect their wallet or register with an email address—nothing more. Users will be able to wager on casino games and sporting events with $RBLK, as well as stake it for token rewards or bonuses in return.

Another major incentive for prospective Rollblock investors is its revenue share, wherein a percentage of the online casino’s weekly revenues will be paid out to $RBLK holders. This includes buying $RBLK tokens back from the open market and burning them to boost token prices and increase demand. 

Right now, $RBLK has gone live with stage 3 of its presale at a discounted introductory price of just $0.014. Just weeks after its launch, Rollblock has already sold over 90 million tokens, indicating massive interest in the web3 iGaming project. With only 60% of Rollblock’s 1 billion fixed total supply allocated for the presale, demand is expected to far outstrip the presale token allocation and lead to an easy sellout. With entry prices to this low-cap blue chip at the lowest they ever will be, analysts believe $RBLK could surge past a 100x increase in price by the end of the presale—and even more once altcoin season kicks in.

With the global online gambling industry expected to increase from a market capitalization of $540.3 billion in 2023 to $744.8 billion in 2028, Rollblock is at the precipice of a major breakthrough. That makes joining the Rollblock presale one of the most lucrative investment opportunities ahead of the next altcoin season.

Get in on the early action of the Rollblock ($RBLK) presale today!

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