Hamster Kombat Token Announces Airdrop Amidst 10,000% Surge

Hamster Kombat HMSTR Bybit
Hamster Kombat Token Announces Airdrop Amidst 10,000% Surge

NAIROBI (CoinChapter.com)— Hamster Kombat’s upcoming airdrop has stirred considerable excitement within the crypto community. On July 8, crypto exchange Bybit listed Hamster Kombat, resulting in a remarkable 10,000% increase in the token’s value within two days.

Hamster Kombat
Hamster Kombat shared its airdrop plans.

On July 9, Hamster Network announced its airdrop plans on X. The post further ignited interest among investors, encouraging users to connect their TON wallets to qualify for the upcoming airdrop tasks.

The airdrop, named “RETRODROP,” started on March 1 and will run until September 1, 2024. The initiative aims to distribute a substantial portion of HMSTR tokens, with a reward pool of 1,000,000,000 HMSTR. Following its listing on Bybit’s pre-market trading platform, the token’s price soared from $0.001 to $0.1, with some bids reaching as high as $137.

Expected Launch Date of HMSTR Token

Developers have hinted that the Token Generation Event (TGE) for HMSTR could occur in July 2024, marking the coin’s official launch. The token’s in-game utility is also expected to debut in the same month.

Despite the developers’ anonymity and the absence of a whitepaper, they have promised to release it soon, offering transparency on the revenue model, game mechanics, and smart contracts.

Hamster Kombat

HMSTR prices on Bybit Pre-Market Trading on Jul 8, 2024. Source: Bybit

Hamster Kombat developers suggest the Token Generation Event (TGE) could happen in July, alongside the token’s in-game utility launch. HMSTR will debut on major exchanges like Bybit, Binance, OKX, KuCoin, HTX, and Bitget, expanding market participation.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov on Hamster Kombat’s Potential

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has remarked on the relevance that Hamster Kombat will have in bringing blockchain to millions. The Telegram chief emphasized that the game has attracted 239 million users in only three months since its release.

Hamster Kombat leverages the mini-app protocol launched by Telegram in 2020. However, it only recently started gaining traction with the introduction of tap-to-earn projects like Notcoin and Hamster Kombat.

Durov stressed that the acceptance of Hamster Kombat allowed the project to enlist 100 million users in just 73 days. He revealed that four to five million users join the game daily, making it one of the “fastest-growing digital service in the world.”

Controversy in Iran

The game’s popularity in Iran has caused authorities to consider it a “soft war” instrument used by the West against Iran’s theocracy.

According to AP reports, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, deputy chief of Iran’s military, qualified the game as a distraction directed at Iranians to forget the presidential proposals in anticipation of the presidential elections.

While the exact date of the airdrop for the game’s token has still to be announced, there are already platforms opening pre-market trading ahead of its issuance.

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