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HaruBank Celebrates One Year of Operations, Showing Strong Growth

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain-based digital asset depository service HaruBank celebrates 1 year of giving users market-leading interest rates, with transacted volumes of over $30,000,000 in the last 12 months.

3rd August, 2020, Singapore – After an incredible 12 months of ground-breaking work in the decentralised finance arena, HaruBank have today announced transactions totalling $30,000,000 made via their platform. The news comes after a significant funding announcement in June of this year signalling good progress and a commitment to developing the HaruBank ecosystem, which looks set to provide access to digital asset investment for new and experienced users alike.

The news comes as part of HaruBank’s Annual Growth Index, which shows amazing forward movement in the first year of many for the solidifying company. The index shows incredible global presence and popularity, with user numbers growing almost 1,000% this year, worldwide. User deposits have increased by over 450% this year, showing the great trust and reputation the platform has amongst the crypto community. 

It’s not just HaruBank who are benefitting, however – the company’s performance figures are demand-driven, and result from a platform which offers competitive interest rates on a variety of deposits and lock-ups. To date, over $30,000,000 has been transacted on the platform, with over 200,000 separate payouts to users – showing that HaruBank has the scope and infrastructure to scale to record-breaking levels.

What is also impressive is the amount of users who are choosing to have a long term stake via lockup – which has grown by over 40% this year alone. The amount of users choosing to enjoy highly-competitive interest rates via lockup periods is now over 80%

Strong Ties 

On top of strong performance figures, HaruBank has also been busy securing the path to long-term success and stability. To guarantee users such profitable rates for lock-up and deposit, partnerships with reputable asset management firms have been a must. This year, HaruBank have partnered with 10 different crypto asset management firms, who have all passed HaruBank’s strict selection criteria:

  • Firms must be registered corporations
  • Firms must have at least 4 members of staff with deep algorithmic trading expertise
  • Firms must have an annual trading volume of at least $100,000,000
  • Firms must provide at least 18-months of trading history
  • Firms must present low volatility and profits above industry average. 

What’s Next? 

With such positive news from HaruBank’s first year, what does the digital asset depository service of the moment have in store in the coming months? Late August will see a major rebrand and launch of Haru as a recognisable and trusted investment firm acting as an umbrella for a range of services. Haru’s Mobile app will also be launched at the end of the year. 

With such strong performance figures, keen interest from users globally, and a commitment to securing the long-term success of the company for stakeholders and users through partnerships, HaruBank looks well poised to move the finance industry toward digital asset deposit as the new norm, for new and experienced users alike.

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