HashKey Launches Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game to Distribute HSK Tokens

HashKey Launches, HashKey Launches Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game to Distribute HSK Tokens
HashKey Launches Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game

Key Takeaways

  1. HSK Airdrop: HashKey is distributing 10 million HSK tokens through a Telegram bot called DejenDog before their Q3 listing.
  2. Earn Tokens: Users can earn HSK tokens by playing a tap-to-earn mini-game on Telegram, accumulating HIT points.
  3. Business Overview: HashKey Group operates several ventures including HashKey Exchange and HashKey Global, having raised nearly $100 million earlier this year.

YEREVAN (CoinChapter.com) — HashKey Group, an Asia-based cryptocurrency financial services firm, has launched an airdrop for its platform token, HSK. Users can claim HSK by engaging with a Telegram bot called “DejenDog.” This airdrop aims to distribute 10 million HSK tokens before their planned listing in the third quarter of this year.

HashKey's 10 Million HSK Airdrop Live

Source: HashKey HSK

HashKey’s 10 Million HSK Airdrop Live. Source: HashKey HSK

How TO Earn HSK Tokens with DejenDog Game

Primarily, participants can earn HSK tokens by playing a mini-game on Telegram. By tapping on a Husky-themed dog character, users accumulate HIT points, which can be redeemed for HSK tokens. HashKey stated,

“By tapping on the Husky-themed dog character, users will earn HIT points, which can be redeemed for more eligible HSK.”

HashKey Airdrop Begins: Claim HSK via Telegram Bot

Source: HashKey Group
HashKey Airdrop Begins. Source: HashKey Group

Additionally, to participate in the airdrop, users must log into the DejenDog Telegram bot and complete designated tasks. The game provides an interactive way for users to earn HSK tokens ahead of their official listing.

HashKey’s HSK Token Details and Business Ventures

HSK is built on the ERC-20 standard, with a total supply of one billion units. According to HashKey, 65% of the token supply will be for ecosystem growth, 30% for staff, and 5% for a reserve fund.

Moreover, HSK tokens will be used for community rewards, exclusive token pre-sales, cross-platform collaborations, transaction fee discounts, and business growth activities on HashKey Global, their flagship digital asset exchange.

Notably, HashKey Group operates several core businesses, including HashKey Capital, HashKey Cloud, HashKey Tokenisation, and HashKey NFT. The firm also runs HashKey Exchange, a licensed crypto exchange in Hong Kong, and HashKey Global, a global exchange launched in April.

HashKey Global Launches Licensed Exchange

Source: HashKey Global
HashKey Global Launches Licensed Exchange. Source: HashKey Global

Earlier this year, HashKey Group raised nearly $100 million in a Series A financing round, achieving a pre-money valuation exceeding $1.2 billion.

HashKey Raises $100M in Series A Funding

Source: HashKey Group
HashKey Raises $100M in Series A Funding. Source: HashKeyGroup

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