Is Adyingnobody Real? If So, This Changes The Crypto Market Forever

Key Takeaways:

  • e most important story of the year?
  • Crypto market will likely be rocked by a hurricane
Is Adyingnobody Real?
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Is it possible that Adyingnobody is real, and this is the most important story of the year? But it has to be fake, right? If Adyingnobody is for real, then the crypto market will likely be rocked by a hurricane.

As Adyingnobody wrote, “it will likely tear a rift in the entire community” and “many of the individuals or projects I name will not survive this.” Can we trust Adyingnobody though?

Adyingnobody tweets

The whistleblower anonymously presents the following case: “I am dying from illnesses”. And also indicate that they will release 137 GB of Telegram group chats and messages between October 2019 to May 2022.

A hack in October of 2019 allowed one to access information for any Telegram group if proper permissions were not set up.

A colleague found the bug in October, but it was not discovered until Adyingnobody exploited this insecurity to view details of other Telegram groups without joining.

What information does Adyingnobody promise?

Adyingnobody is the pseudonymous whistleblower. They invite the reputable press to contact them for sample archives. Then, they share the information in three pieces. Adyingnobody will release the information on June 15th, June 30th, and July 7th via a signed transaction at this address: 0xdC56BCccf3fa51687f339E2425E9Bc1a2acB42Ee

IMPORTANT!! Please don’t download this if you don’t know what you’re doing. Downloading an anonymous file can configure all kinds of viruses and malware. This could target crypto people, so know this before you download it. If you must download the files, consult a security expert first.

adyingnobody, Is Adyingnobody Real? If So, This Changes The Crypto Market Forever

According to Adyingnobody, many people and projects will not survive the following scandals. He speculated that the public will turn against those who have been involved with fraud.

Although it is unclear who the main players are, Adyingnobody had written a script that downloads every message sent to any telegram group with targeted individuals.

In light of the situation, Adyingnobody’s comment about Telegram sounds like a threat. “The alleged assurance of privacy and security meant that people became relaxed and let them express themselves freely.”

What did crypto influencers and investors share?

Despite the claims, concerned members of the community took to Twitter to remind others to be careful when interacting with the alleged whistleblower. They encourage people to be vigilant and cautious. They claim these are hacky-sounding things and recommend not clicking or downloading any files.

“Cryptonator1337” on Twitter also went on the say that while it’s possible the claims are true, we should be mindful of any files being uploaded by the anonymous account.

Cryptonator1337 tweet

For our crypto-focused publication, it’s best that we talk about the crimes related to cryptocurrency. We’ll leave the scandalous accusations to other news outlets. It sounds like a lot of people have been scammed, considering the number of people we’ve seen on this topic.

Adyingnobody intends to release content containing conversations between influencers. These will contain exclusive behind-the-scenes information, such as scams that took place or personal events shared with a limited circle of friends. They will provide irrefutable evidence on some high profile scams, starting between December 2019 and February 2022

In the second drop, Adyingnobody is going to list the ongoing projects in the 200 mcap range, yield-farming, to stablecoins, to AMM’s. They have caught project creators asking twitter employees to personally delete and ban accounts relating to incriminating information.

Telegram Refutes All Allegations

Telegram responded to these allegations and noted that the threat may be an attempt at luring ‘Telegram users to a malicious website and installing malware.’

Telegram Refutes All Allegations

This account has to be fake, right? Engagement farming and all that. If so, that’s working: The Adyingnobody account has 40k followers.

adyingnobody, Is Adyingnobody Real? If So, This Changes The Crypto Market Forever

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