May BFG Token Grow by 100%? | The Best Ways to Earn BFG on Its Rise

, May BFG Token Grow by 100%? | The Best Ways to Earn BFG on Its Rise
The number of BFG investors has remarkably increased due to its tokenomics update and deflationary mechanism with regular buybacks. While thousands of tokens compete for users’ attention, the BFG token has already caught your eye. How about learning more about BFG’s 100% pump, $20M Cryptodrop, and unique utilities for holders?

What’s a BFG Token?

BFG is more than just the native token of an iGaming platform; it’s the cornerstone of the high-trust BetFury ecosystem. This unique cryptocurrency continually rewards its holders with exclusive offers. The token was launched on the Binance Smart Chain network and listed on the leading exchanges. Here, you can see the actual BFG exchange rate:

, May BFG Token Grow by 100%? | The Best Ways to Earn BFG on Its Rise

BFG has low volatility and has risen by over 60% during the last month, according to CoinMarketCap statistics. Moreover, the BetFury team pays maximum attention to the growth of BFG in the market. They have locked 1B of the team’s tokens for 4.8 years in the BFG Staking Pool to show confidence in their product and token.

The Past of BFG: What Does History Tell Us?

The past always has consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to dig deeper and understand the origins of a project. BFG was created with the primary goals of platform profit sharing and providing passive earnings for its holders. Initially, users mined it by playing platform games. As the product developed, partnerships increased, providing additional utilities for the token and enhancing users’ income. In the summer of 2023, when BFG mining ended, the token became a resource with a limited supply. Monthly burnings and multiple events have contributed to the current rise in BFG’s value.

7 Main Factors Driving BFG Upwards

  • Strong Tokenomics: 100% of revenue from the BetFury gaming activity and the part from the crypto functionality is directed to the BFG token growth, while some projects allocate only 5%, which is also a strong indicator of such token success. The BFG tokenomics is fully transparent and demonstrates BFG’s financial health.

  • Rewarding Utilities for Token Holders: BFG owners can earn crypto passively from BFG Staking, the profit of which can be doubled by converting assets to stBFG. They also can trade, use BFG for gaming, and get various bonuses.

  • Decrease in Circulating Supply: in addition to monthly burnings, BetFury constantly conducts BFG buybacks. All tokens bought back from the market go to burning and treasury funds. This process helps to reduce the BFG circulation supply.

  • Reliable Team: BetFury has implemented a transparent system with public contracts and directs all revenue streams to token development and passive rewards for holders. For instance, 500M BFG owned by the team is allocated for community activities and events. Over 133M BFG is allocated to stimulate demand for the token through marketing initiatives and collaborations.

  • Trusted Platform: the BetFury platform has been developing in the industry for over four years. As a result, it has more than 2.3M of the global community worldwide, $7.6M total wager, $48.9M bonuses paid, and over $122.5M of crypto staking payouts. In addition to CertiK, it has obtained approval from Curaçao and other licenses.

  • Market Sentiment: BFG picks up the bullish influence of the market and sometimes grows even when Bitcoin falls.

  • Strong Community Engagement: BFG has over 67K holders, $95K Trading Volume, and more than 2.2M total transfers.

BFG Price Prediction for 2024-2033 | Technical Analysis 

According to the Cryptopolitan forecast, the average BFG trading price in 2024 will be $0.029 per token. At the same time, it may reach a peak of $0.038. Based on historical cycles and the above facts, the trust resource also determined possible BFG prices for 2025-2033:

  • 2025: $0.03 – $0.04;

  • 2026: $0.04 – $0.05;

  • 2027: $0.06 – $0.08;

  • 2028: $0.10 – $0.11.

For subsequent years, Cryptopolitan determined a constant increase in the BFG to a value of $0.42 in 2033. Thus, a 100% growth in BFG is more than possible.

Best Ways to Earn BFG | Have you Heard of a $20M BFG Cryptodrop?

  • BFG Staking: having only 100 BFG on balance, users can passively gain more BFG or payments in five top-tier currencies: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, and TRX. If you convert BFG to stBFG, your BFG Staking APY will be doubled.

  • BFG Events: BetFury holds many events with prize pools in BFG. Most recently, the platform launched a $20M Cryptodrop. It has been launched via a Telegram bot and has various activities similar to other Telegram tapping apps. During the Cryptodrop, you can earn real and valuable crypto and collect points to share the great BFG reward in Q3-Q4, 2024.

  • Trading: exchange BFG using the BetFury CryptoSwap feature and trade the token on top exchanges like Biswap and PancakeSwap.

  • Wallets & Analytic Platforms: follow the BFG price forecasts, search for trading signals, and store assets in well-known wallets and dashboards like CoinGecko.

  • Gaming & Sports Betting: play over 8,000 slots and 20 Original games and bet on over 80 popular sports markets directly on BetFury.

  • BFG Bonuses: get up to 25% Cashback and profit from other platform bonuses.

  • NFT Lootboxes: open beneficial Lootboxes to get BFG and win blue-chip NFTs.


BFG is a valuable asset for investors and crypto enthusiasts of any level. Considering the above facts, it may increase by 100% or more. The token’s strong tokenomics, limited supply, and strategic partnerships contribute to its potential for significant growth. Additionally, the active community and ongoing developments within the BetFury ecosystem ensure continued interest and support for BFG. By staying informed and making well-researched decisions, you can confidently navigate the opportunities that BFG presents. Join the $20,000,000 Cryptodrop to earn more BFG tokens and use this valuable asset to grow as an experienced crypto owner.

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, May BFG Token Grow by 100%? | The Best Ways to Earn BFG on Its Rise

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