New Era Of Crypto Investors Looking For 20x Gains With New Tokens Like Rollblock (RBLK) Rather Than 3x Gains With XRP and DOGE

New Era Of Crypto Investors Looking For 20x Gains With New Tokens Like Rollblock (RBLK) Rather Than 3x Gains With XRP and DOGE

In all previous bull markets, it’s the new tokens that lead the way with gains. In the 2021 bull market, Gala led the way with a staggering 50,000% gain, and many other new cryptos offered incredible returns. 

And with the bull market taking a break, investors are positioning themselves with the latest tokens with expectations of 20x gains. Some might say that’s conservative, but of all new tokens, Rollblock is setting the pace and gaining plenty of traction among savvy investors as analysts predict major gains of 880% during the presale and another 100x after the presale launch.

What about legacy tokens such as XRP and DOGE? Both offered major returns in past cycles, and both tokens are too big to offer incredible gains, but one shouldn’t write them off.


Rollblock is a cutting-edge GambleFi platform that is gaining attention from investors thanks to its innovative approach to online gambling. It’s set to be the world’s first community-backed casino with a Play-to-Earn token, which will also act as the primary medium of exchange throughout the platform.

There’s a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, and with 600,000,000 tokens up for sale during the presale, there’s a huge opportunity for early investors to position themselves in this promising venture. 

The presale has already exceeded expectations, drawing interest and investment from some big guns – a strong indicator of the platform’s potential. Historically, new tokens in the crypto market have offered the biggest gains, and many top analysts predict similar returns for $RBLK.

Rollblock’s token facilitates transactions, services, and interactions within the online gaming platform. The platform also introduces innovative earning programs that set it apart. 

These include the Hold to Earn program that allows $RBLK token holders to earn a percentage of Rollblock’s weekly income, so anyone looking for a steady stream of passive income, it’s worth a look. Additionally, the Play to Earn program offers players a way to earn tokenized cashback for their activity on the platform.

Rollblock’s success in the presale phase underscores the growing confidence in its model and the potential for some big and exciting gains. With its innovative approach, robust tokenomics, and community-driven initiatives, the excitement around Rollblock is clear for all to see.

Can the XRP price ever smash its previous ATH?

XRP has long been a key player in the cryptocurrency market, thanks to its fantastic transaction speeds and substantial gains during previous bull cycles. Unlike new tokens that can experience volatile swings, the XRP price is more stable and a reliable option for investors. 

XRP is known for facilitating fast and extremely cheap cross-border payments, making it a favorite among the big banks and payment providers. That said, with the evolution of Bitcoin, many think XRP utility could diminish, and with it the XRP price might not be as bullish as previous cycles.

As the market recovers and bullish sentiment returns, however, XRP’s brand recognition should contribute to a gradual price appreciation, providing investors with a smaller but steadier growth.

Will Elon Musk pump DOGE to new highs?

Dogecoin, initially created as a joke, has evolved into a leading digital asset with a vibrant community and market cap any of the new tokens would be delighted to achieve. DOGE features include a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that facilitates fast and low-cost transactions, albeit with an unlimited supply.

During the last bull cycle, Dogecoin enjoyed a massive pump, thanks to endorsements from Elon Musk. The Starlink and Tesla CEO frequently tweeted about it, and the hype propelled DOGE to unprecedented highs and ensured it was one of the best investments in the crypto space last time around. 

Currently, DOGE’s future remains uncertain, and investors looking for the biggest gains might be better looking elsewhere in the crypto, and even the meme coin market. That said, the market cap and brand recognition of Dogecoin should see it maintain its place in the top ten cryptos.


In all crypto bull markets, investors look for the biggest gains, and in previous cycles both the DOGE and the XRP price have led markets and returns. But its new tokens that offer the biggest gains, and with the Rollblock presale smashing expectations, gains of 880% during and another 100x after launch, this disruptive online gaming platform looks set to be the leader of the 2024 /25 bull market.

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