Nigerian Trader’s Integrity Sparks Wave of Trust in Crypto Community

Nigerian Trader’s Integrity Sparks Wave of Trust

YEREVAN ( — Femi Akinola, a Nigerian cryptocurrency trader, made headlines for his act of honesty. Akinola received 100 Solana (SOL) tokens worth approximately 20 million Nigerian nairas ($13,300) by mistake. The tokens were sent by another trader known as The Crypto Network on X.

Integrity in Action: A Crypto Story"
Source: The Crypto Network
Integrity in Action: A Crypto Story. Source: The Crypto Network

The Crypto Network intended to send Akinola $100 in Solana as part of a giveaway. However, an error led to the transfer of 100 SOL instead. Realizing the mistake, The Crypto Network contacted Femi Akinola to request the return of 90 SOL, allowing him to keep 10 SOL as a gesture of goodwill. Akinola promptly returned the requested amount.

Nigerian trader: Proof of Goodness in Crypto"
Source: The Crypto Network on
Proof of Goodness in Crypto. Source: The Crypto Network

Faith and Values Drive Integrity

Akinola’s decision to return the tokens was driven by his Christian faith and personal values. He explained that while it was tempting to keep the tokens, he chose to do the right thing.

“All I could think of was my integrity and doing the right thing,”

he shared.

The Crypto Network praised Akinola’s honesty. His act of goodwill quickly went viral on social media, earning him widespread praise from the crypto community. Members of the community rewarded Akinola with gifts totaling over 35 SOL for his integrity.

Nigerian Crypto Image Gets a Boost

Akinola’s actions have improved the perception of Nigerian traders in the global crypto community. He plans to use his newfound fame to educate others about cryptocurrency through free seminars.

Nigeria’s crypto community has faced trust issues in the past. Incidents like the suspected pump-and-dump scheme involving Afro-pop star Davido have contributed to a lack of trust. Davido’s launch of the Timeless Davido (DAVIDO) memecoin raised concerns, with some community members accusing him of offloading digital coins onto his fans.

Davido's Crypto Profit Breakdown"
Source: Lookonchain
Davido’s Crypto Profit Breakdown. Source: Lookonchain

In 2021, Davido promoted RapDoge and allegedly sold over $300,000 worth of the cryptocurrency to his fans. These incidents have harmed the reputation of Nigerian traders.

Nigerian Davido's Crypto Controversy"
Source: Tobi.plena
Davido’s Crypto Controversy. Source: Tobi.plena

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