PI Network Partners with 80 Financial Institutions, Discovers Fountain of Youth

Pi Network
PI Network Partners with 80 Financial Institutions, Discovers Fountain of Youth

NOIDA (CoinChapter.com)— If you did not get it, both parts of the headline are ridiculous, imaginary, and meant to support Pi Network’s shilling campaign.

Given the continued Pi Network shilling campaign, the mobile-based crypto mining project seems to have either the most dedicated marketing team or the most deluded fans.

The delusion spectrum has everything from outrageous price predictions valuing PI Coin at $314,159 per token to Elon Musk supporting the project. Now, even a random post by someone who likely heard from the friend of an acquaintance of a distant relative becomes news.

Despite the delays in the mainnet launch and scammers targeting the token’s miners, the Pi Network token remains a favorite among users in the Asia-Pacific region. Many traders are looking to buy Pi coins in India, especially following the recent stock market crash in the aftermath of election results.

Yup, The Shillers Did It Again

Pi Network shillers have to be one of the world’s most dedicated or deluded people. Foremost among the PI coin hopium peddlers is the news website Hokanews. In a June 4 post, the news website claimed Pi Network had partnered with 80 financial institutions.

The source of this mega claim turned out to be a PI coin miner named Daniel, who claimed that “over 80 financial institutions” had integrated Pi Network.

Pi Network
PI Coin users continued their shilling campaign for the token.

Considering that the Pi Network remains a closed mainnet, with no clear indication about the open mainnet launch, the information cannot be true by any standards.

Of course, Daniel might be talking about the mom-and-pop shops in Vietnam that are currently accepting PI coins as a form of barter trade, but they hardly qualify as financial institutions.

Moreover, this is not Hokanews’ first time sharing baseless facts as news. Earlier in March 2024, Hokanews picked up a joke announcement from a Pi Network news handle about the mainnet launch and ran it as actual news, sending the PI coin price flying to $122.

There was also a time when Elon Musk planned to accept PI tokens as a payment medium. Maybe, if the billionaire entrepreneur gets hooked on Pi Network’s recently discovered fountain of youth. Though it is likely some PI coin miner accidentally fell in a puddle while high on hopium.

PI Network Token Price Rallies, But Remains Rangebound

The Pi Network token has remained rangebound between $39 and $42 since late April 2024. However, PI coin price’s recent rally brought the token close to $41 after 2% spike on June 6.

Pi Network
PIUSDT daily price chart with RSI. Source: Tradingview.com

The hopium addicts could push the token to the resistance near to the resistance near $42.3. Moreover, breaking and consolidating above the immediate resistance could help PI coin price to the resistance near $44.5.

On the other hand, a downtrend could force the Pi network token price to test the support levels near $39 and $37.7.

The RSI for PI coin remained neutral, with a score of 53.84 on the daily charts.

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