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Podcaster Joe Rogan Uses Crypto-Powered Brave Browser

Joe Rogan and Reggie Watts just talked up Brave to millions of people.

Podcaster Joe Rogan has revealed that he uses the privacy focused Brave browser to avoid internet ads and Google tracking in the latest episode, which features American musician and comic Reggie Watts.

It’s one of the most high profile endorsements in Brave’s history with Rogan’s podcast downloaded more than 190 million times each month. The show was recently licensed to Spotify in a $100 million deal. This latest episode has already received 1.7 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

You’re getting tracked

In the 2.5 hour episode, Rogan and Watts devoted almost 30 minutes to discussing Internet privacy, apps and ads:

“If you want to use Instagram or if you want to use Facebook, you’re getting tracked.” 

They discussed their difficult experiences with many of the major social media apps along with Google’s intense surveillance and tracking and pointed to a recent $5 billion lawsuit filed against Google for tracking users even in privacy mode, without consent. 

Rogan said that occasionally an ad reveals a product worth exploring and Watts immediately referred to the Brave browser as his preferred browser to avoid tracking:

“I’ll go to Brave, a private browser, and I’ll look up the product there.”

Rogan said he also used Brave along with Duck Duck Go, which Watts said was “not as good” as Brave since “the search engine sucks”. Watts even hinted toward a future involving blockchain technology as a whole, saying, “The future is distributed.”

Brave decision

The Brave browser, developed by Javascript creator and Mozilla founder Brendan Eich, is similar to Google Chrome but has a privacy centric twist. Users can navigate the Internet without being tracked or inundated with ads. Users can also opt-in to receiving select ads and receive cryptocurrency rewards in the form of BAT tokens.

Earlier this week Brave reached more than 15 million active users, growing 125% in the last year, with more than 5 million daily users.

Joe Rogan’s podcast is no stranger to cryptocurrency guests including Bitcoin expert and best selling author Andreas Antonopoulos and ‘former Dogecoin CEO’ Elon Musk.

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