SabioTrade Launches the Sabioverse: A Pioneer Smart Workspace for Prop Traders

A prop trading firm, SabioTrade, has released its new trading space, dubbed the Sabio Dashboard or the Sabioverse, with a focus on a trader-centric design and feature-rich interface.

The upgrade is targeted towards creating a 5-star comfort environment for its prop traders and sets an ambitious goal of eliminating unnecessary complexities often associated with the industry.

, SabioTrade Launches the Sabioverse: A Pioneer Smart Workspace for Prop Traders

Key features of the SabioTrade Dashboard

1. One-click Traderoom access

In contrast to the prevailing trend of offering separate trading platforms and dashboards, SabioTrade provides direct traderoom access straight from the dash. This requires no additional logins, so traders can switch between their workspace and traderoom in a second, without the need to use several sets of credentials.

Notably, SabioTrade runs on an indie trading platform with a gamified interface and zero risk of licensing problems, which are not uncommon for MetaTrader-based prop trading services. It’s also worth mentioning that Sabio offers a mobile traderoom alongside the web version — a rare offering in the field of prop trading.

2. Smart account storage and password management

Sabio traders have the flexibility to own unlimited accounts per user. While offering enhanced money-making opportunities, this also creates the potential for organizational challenges — storing, switching between them, and memorizing passwords might be very irritating.

To address this, SabioTrade designers have added a dedicated Accounts section with a smart management system. A significant improvement is the system’s ability to conveniently store account credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords and usernames while ensuring data security.

3. Advanced analytics

The designers took a creative approach to statistical matters and created helpful visualizations of profit targets and other trading activities for the user. The pool of available statistics is impressively diverse, and the data is updated in real-time.

4. Knowledge library

From the Sabio Dashboard, traders can access the Education section — a vast library of ebooks, webinars with professional tutors, articles, and other educational content.

These materials help traders prepare for the assessment independently and at their convenience, all for free. The library is continuously expanding with new texts and videos, making it a truly valuable educational resource.

5. In-dashboard payments

SabioTrade has introduced the option to purchase new accounts directly from the Billing section of the dashboard. Previously, this could only be done through their official website. Notably, Sabio accepts crypto payments in addition to traditional bank cards and transfers.

6. Enhanced design

The new Dashboard underwent a striking visual makeover, including a more concise block arrangement, appealing color scheme and the overall convenience of use.

According to SabioTrade officials, the latest updates to the dashboard will not go unnoticed by the prop trading community hungry for smarter navigation in their trading space. Users are accustomed to the comfort and modern solutions found in other services and applications, and the industry has long been in demand for a simple yet functional trading environment.

On top of that, SabioTrade announced that this version of the dashboard is just the beginning. The release of the next version is already scheduled for the near future, promising more features and even greater convenience for traders.

About SabioTrade

SabioTrade is a proprietary trading firm providing talented traders with funding opportunities. With a blend of advanced tech, a wide range of tradable assets, favorable conditions, and included education, SabioTrade emerges as one of the most balanced prop trading companies in the market.

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, SabioTrade Launches the Sabioverse: A Pioneer Smart Workspace for Prop Traders

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