SNPad Announces Uniswap Listing and Plans to Transform TV Advertising with AI-Powered Platform

SNPad, a new Web3 platform integrating AI and blockchain for personalized TV advertising, announced the upcoming listing of its SNPAD token on Uniswap on June 4, 2024 at 12:00 UTC. The event represents a significant milestone in the project’s ambitious roadmap and will enable it to raise liquidity for SNPAD token trading.

SNPad is a groundbreaking advertising platform that seeks to revolutionize how people interact with TV commercials. Users can install SNPad as a free app on their smart TVs, replacing traditional TV channel ads with personalized advertisements from the SNPad platform. These ads start and end simultaneously as the TV channel ads, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. The displayed ads are tailored to the user’s preferences, allowing them to see the desired products. Additionally, ad viewers are rewarded with up to 70% of the ad revenue in SNPAD tokens for their attention.

SNPad features a TV app for ad display and a mobile app for profile setup and crypto wallet management. This dual-application approach provides a secure and comprehensive user experience without affecting TV viewing habits. Notably, the SNPad application runs separately from the live TV broadcast and does not alter the TV content.

The beta version of the SNPad TV app is now available, allowing LG and Samsung TV owners, as well as Android and iOS mobile users, to test it on their smart TVs and mobile devices. Their experiences and feedback are invaluable to the SNPad team in refining and enhancing the app’s features.

SNPad uses cutting-edge AI technology to detect when a TV program breaks for commercials and seamlessly replaces the original advertisement broadcast with user-personalized ads. This provides users with a bespoke viewing experience and considerable earning opportunities.  For example, users can earn up to 70% of the advertiser’s reward in SNPAD tokens for each ad they watch. Moreover, the ads on SNPad have interactive features, such as QR codes, direct purchases, and other activities or information via the remote control.

The platform uses a proprietary cloud network to guarantee high availability and redundancy for its backend services. Also, the team established strategic partnerships with Interlan Internet Exchange, Limitless, University Politehnica Bucharest, Incertrans SA, and Lirapay to enhance SNPad’s reach and functionality.

SNPad caters to TV viewers as well as to small and medium businesses. The latter now have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to specifically targeted audiences. The platform enables companies to “communicate” with the customers most likely to be interested in their offers based on location, interests, and viewing habits. More importantly, they no longer waste money on unseen ads. Instead, they can track their ads’ performance on the blockchain and clearly see what they need to improve.

About SNPad

SNPad is a revolutionary Web3 project that is the first to replace traditional commercial broadcasts on cable and satellite TV channels with personalized ads. The project received the “Best Blockchain Startup” award at the Crypto Expo Europe (CEE) 2024.

The platform aims to tap into a vast and unexplored market boasting over 1.72 billion homes with TVs worldwide. Its innovative service has an enormous potential for growth and user engagement, rewarding both viewers and advertisers.

SNPad will use up to 70% of the commercial business revenue to purchase SNPAD tokens from the market and reward users. The project has already minted all SNPAD tokens and made them available on the market, with no future minting possible.

The upcoming listing of the SNPAD token on Uniswap on June 4, 2024, at 15:00 UTC, could mark a historic moment for the television advertising landscape and its imminent integration with AI, blockchain, and other Web3 technologies.

You can follow the project and stay up to date with its development at these links: Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram |

, SNPad Announces Uniswap Listing and Plans to Transform TV Advertising with AI-Powered Platform

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