The 5 Biggest Bitcoin Casino Wins of All Time

The 5 Biggest Bitcoin Casino Wins of All Time
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If you are anything like us, then you like to be on the lookout for the latest news in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies. And if you are constantly interested in the latest Bitcoin predictions plus you like to use this cryptocurrency to gamble in the best online casinos around, then you might find pleasure in reading about the biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time. Be warned – the thought that some people were so lucky might provoke some jealousy. 

The five biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time in a nutshell

Keep in mind that these Bitcoin casino wins aren’t going to be mentioned in any specific order. Likewise, always remember that casino games are games of luck. Therefore, just because someone was so lucky to win huge amounts of money does not mean that the same will happen to you. For every million losses, there will only be one win, so don’t think of gambling as a way to earn some money.

When one weekend changes the course of your life

Have you already been thinking of buying Bitcoin and using it as your preferred payment option in online casinos? Then hearing about one of the most impressive Bitcoin casino wins of all time might help you make the final decision. The story we are about to share didn’t happen in one fell swoop. Instead, it happened over the course of a few days. 

In 2013, a player managed to achieve something that seems like science fiction – he managed to bring home 11,000 BTC. Today, that’s the equivalent of $102 million, which is the kind of money that can permanently change one’s life. How did he win such an incredible amount, you ask? Well, he predominantly played Dice games, which single-handedly changed the course of his life. 

Live roulette with a twist

Live roulette is a game that has high betting limits, which provides one with an opportunity to score one of the biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time. However, you should always be aware that this doesn’t happen too frequently, and you will need to be very careful when placing roulette bets. However, one casino player found himself extremely lucky when he won 53 BTC, which was the equivalent of $340,000 in September 2018 when this huge win took place. 

Live roulette requires a good strategy, plenty of luck, and a reputable online casino. While luck is the one factor you can’t influence, you can definitely impact the other two. Make it your mission to assess the game’s rules, and read up on Canadian online casino reviews. It would do wonders for your security when gambling in online casinos.

Lightning roulette makes one rich in a matter of seconds

Sometimes, a single bet and an incredible stroke of luck are enough for one person to be extremely happy. That’s what happened in November of 2018, where one lucky player placed a bet on a spin that paid out 500:1 odds – and won. That bet resulted in a win of 49.22 BTC. However, the player managed to win as much as 87 BTC in total during the night. 

This female player spent a little over one hour on the roulette wheel. The result? She walked out with 87 BTC which was, at the time, the equivalent of over $550,000. One never wants to be struck by lightning, unless it’s of this kind. 

On the hunt for one of the biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time

Troll Hunters is a game that is responsible for one of the biggest Bitcoin casino wins in history. In March 2017, this Nordic legend-based slot game made one person very lucky. A female player placed a modest wager of 0.16 BTC, which turned into an epic win. In a single stroke of luck, she managed to win 160 BTC, which is a jackpot that was worth millions of dollars. 

But she didn’t let that be the end. She showed impressive bravery and continued to play, resulting in a total win of 216 BTC which were the result of a single play session. We’re not trolling you – it really happened. Now, that’s what we call a suitable reward for that amount of bravery. 

Beginner’s luck

It’s not very often that we see someone being new at something and doing exceptionally well right away. But that’s precisely what happened in this case, as a casino newbie managed to go down in history by winning 29 BTC in May 2020. This might not seem like a lot when compared to some other wins on our list. However, you should keep in mind that 29 BTC is the equivalent of $250,000. 

Another thing about this case that we find so impressive is that this casino newbie managed to win this incredible amount of money by playing online slots. Truth be told, some slots have a big winning potential if the right combination of symbols and multipliers is achieved. However, slot machines are a game where nothing is up to the player, as there’s no strategy that can help one out. At the same time, they have no learning curve, as the rules are pretty simple. That’s probably why they are so great for beginners. 

There are many other Bitcoin wins that were significant

If you Google the term ‘the biggest Bitcoin casino wins of all time,’ there’s no doubt that you will see plenty of different results for this search term. Seeing that so many people were able to score impressive wins might have you thinking that you’ll be able to do the same. But don’t fall into the trap of hoping for a significant win and viewing gambling as a means of making extra money. Statistically, the chances of losing are greater than the chances of winning, not to mention how small of a chance you have for a win as massive as the ones described on this list. Instead, try to have fun playing your favorite casino games and never invest more than you can afford.

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