The New Cryptocurrency Taking The World By Storm; Set To Surpass Uniswap (UNI) and Avalanche (AVAX) In Crypto Rankings This Year

The New Cryptocurrency Taking The World By Storm; Set To Surpass Uniswap (UNI) and Avalanche (AVAX) In Crypto Rankings This Year

This year has seen incredible gains for many crypto projects as the bull market has roared back with a vengeance. Uniswap (UNI) and Avalanche (AVAX) rallied during this timeframe, attracting thousands of new investors in the process. However, some experts believe they’ve lost their hype. As a result, investors are eyeing up a new innovative altcoin. 

Rollblock (RBLK) is a new arrival in the GambleFi space and is on track to revolutionize an enormous sector of the online gambling market. Bringing the security and transparency of the Ethereum network to the hugely popular gambling space, Rollblock (RBLK) is a real game changer and poised to onboard the next wave of crypto enthusiasts into the online gambling market. 

Uniswap (UNI): A DeFi Giant’s Volatile Price Journey

Uniswap (UNI) is a titan of the DEX (decentralized exchange) space and emerged during the DeFi summer of 2018. Uniswap quickly gained huge popularity as it allowed users to trade any number of coins on the Ethereum network without the need for a trusted third party, using smart contracts to match buyers and sellers with low fees.

Uniswap’s token price soon went parabolic and by mid 2021 reached an all-time high of $44.97 before finding support at $3.63 during the bear market. Uniswap currently sits right on the 50 day simple moving average at $9.52. Technicals suggest that it has reset and spent a good amount of time consolidating at current price levels. When liquidity returns, and Ethereum runs again, Uniswap will undoubtedly have another run towards the highs.

Avalanche (AVAX): A Runaway Layer 1 Success Story

Launched in September 2020 and quickly rising to prominence in the Layer 1 blockchain space, Avalanche (AVAX) has established itself as a worthy competitor to Ethereum and taken significant market share. Avalanche’s native token saw an astronomical rise in price and over the last year has seen a rapid rise from around $8.70 to $65.25. 

According to experts buying Avalanche now could be a wise move, considering the incredible amount of building from developers in recent months. This includes introducing Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM) to enable seamless communication between the different subnets within the network. With a firm base of support around $23.50 and a healthy rise in recent volume, many analysts are predicting a run to highs of around $123 by 2025. While Avalanche’s potential returns could be strong, they’re overshadowed by Rollblock. 

Rollblock (RBLK): The Rise of a Crypto-Native Casino

Rollblock (RBLK) is on the cusp of making a significant splash into the GambleFi space, as it brings a cutting-edge crypto approach to the $450 billion world of gambling. It leverages AI technology to host a huge range of casino favorites such as Roulette and Blackjack, as well as some brand new sporting-themed games.

A truly unique selling point is its lack of KYC for user signups, ensuring the site is completely anonymous and effortless to use. Investors can simply sign in with an email address and deposit crypto (Bitcoin, Eth, Dogecoin) to get started. As all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, there is never any doubt over placed bets as they are recorded and verified forever on-chain.

The native Rollblock token (RBLK) is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and has incredible utility on the platform. It can be staked to earn some of the highest APYs in the market. $RBLK has a fixed supply of 1 billion $RBLK, 90 million of which have already sold in the last month. The tokenomics are also designed to ensure long-term sustainability of the project, with a regular ‘buy-back and burn’ mechanism that will create a highly deflationary token.

There has never been a fully community-backed Casino ‘Play-to-Earn’ token like Rollblock, and the opportunity to make huge returns is immense. The token is currently selling for $0.015 in stage 3 of the presale, and expectations are high for $RBLK to rise up to 880% during the presale and 100x on launch. Rollblock is currently launching giveaways on their socials and Discord for Euro 2024 giveaways, making it the perfect time to get involved. 

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