THORChain (RUNE) and AVAX Price Hits 6 Month Low; Investors Looking For Gains Are Switching To This New Presale Star

THORChain (RUNE) and AVAX Price Hits 6 Month Low; Investors Looking For Gains Are Switching To This New Presale Star

The fear and greed index within the crypto industry is tilting ever slightly to fear, as users are wary about reckless financial decisions. Many altcoins have suffered as a result of this hesitation, as not much is going on presently. As Q2 draws to a close, investors are hopeful of what Q3 has in store for the general crypto market.

With the increasing need for investors to survey market conditions, altcoins like RUNE and AVAX have taken massive hits. This has underscored a need for new and improved projects that show promise despite the current slump.

Crypto’s fast-rising star, Rollblock, may just have the solutions to these problems as its presale boasts both profitability and massive adoption after raising $1 million in less than a month. Let’s explore why investors are so interested.

THORChain Falls Massively As Investors Scramble For Asset Safety

THORChain, one of crypto’s foremost decentralized liquidity pools, has taken a massive hit in the recent altcoin slump. The platform, which enables cross-chain asset exchanges, saw a monthly drop in value for its native RUNE token of about 40%. 

This has not shown signs of letting up, as in the last week, RUNE was down by 6.13%, according to Coinmarketcap. RUNE’s recent value is a far cry from its 2021 peak of about $21, having experienced a 70% devaluation to date.

While industry experts are looking for potential reasons for this continuous devaluation of the RUNE token, investors have massively sold off their holdings in favor of more stable options like Rollblock. 

AVAX Rolls Downhill As Whale Activity Hinders Potential Price Appreciation

The Avalanche token has experienced a notable price correction over the past month, declining by over 30% and retreating to levels last seen in December 2023. This price movement has caused some concern among Avalanche ecosystem participants and observers.

Moreover, Avalanche’s recent dip has been attributed to whale activity, as reports have shown about $54M in AVAX tokens moving to multiple crypto exchanges. While this has generally been regarded as whales trying to manipulate the AVAX price, there are undertones of skepticism as large-scale investors may be dumping the asset altogether.

Although AVAX has assured users of its stability and highlighted present events as minor setbacks on the road to long-term profitability, this may not be enough. Many other projects, like Rollblock, offer the same features with more price stability.

Investors Wager Massive Returns From Rollblock’s Presale

Rollblock’s pioneering Blockchain-powered casino has left users and investors in awe over its utility and profitability. In a bid to ensure transparency and user privacy, Rollblock requires zero KYC commitment and has tamper-proof platform data. These equip users with the necessary tools to dominate within the ecosystem. 

Rollblock’s ecosystem features its online casino, which is currently live, and its native token, RBLK. This token provides utility and access throughout the ecosystem, enabling users to play games, win rewards, stake, and trade. Presale investors are promised a portion of the platform’s weekly earnings, as well as staking bonuses of up to 50%. These staking bonuses would be paid out from the protocol’s buyback program. The other 50% of the acquired assets would then be burned, maintaining a deflationary supply system for RBLK tokens.

Currently, Rollblock is far into stage 3 of its presale, with nearly 50% of the presale allocation sold off already. The RBLK tokens can be acquired for an attractive price of $0.0145, providing a fair entry point for large-scale and small-scale investors alike.

But it doesn’t stop there. Many market analysts are certain of an 800% price explosion upon public sale, as Rollblock understands the economics of cryptocurrency and has committed to a deflationary supply system. 


With the altcoin industry in disarray, and assets like RUNE and AVAX experiencing price slumps, investors are more than ready to push their capital into more profitable ventures. 

At the end of 2023, the global valuation of the gambling industry was set at about $540B. This figure is only going to go up now that Blockchain technology has been seamlessly integrated into it. Thanks to Rollblock, investors are at a vantage point to access the value provided by the gambling industry through the pioneer GambleFi protocol.

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