Top Crypto News Of The Day: Solana Sandwich Attacks, Ethereum ETFs, and More

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Solana Foundation Removes Validators for Sandwich Attacks 

The Solana Foundation has taken action against a group of validator operators involved in malicious sandwich attacks targeting Solana users. The team has removed these operators from the foundation’s delegation program, which provides SOL tokens to validators to help them operate.

Crypto news: Solana Foundation Removes Validators for Sandwich Attacks
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A sandwich attack is where an attacker places transactions around a victim’s transaction to manipulate the price and profit. The Solana Foundation had previously warned that they would not tolerate such activities. While the operators can still contribute to Solana’s permissionless blockchain, they will no longer receive SOL token subsidies from the delegation program.

Spot Ethereum ETFs Could Capture Up to 20% of Bitcoin ETF Flows

Spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could potentially capture between 10-20% of the investment flows currently directed towards spot Bitcoin ETFs, according to Bitfinex’s head of derivatives, Jag Kooner. This prediction hinges on future SEC clarification regarding staking for spot Ethereum ETFs.

Kooner drew a parallel with the launch of gold and silver ETFs, which attracted significant investment and affected inflows into existing related financial products. For example, when silver ETFs like the iShares Silver Trust launched in 2006, investors diverted funds to them due to industrial demand for silver.

The analyst suggested that fund managers could reallocate resources to balance their exposure to both Bitcoin and Ethereum, diversifying their ETF portfolios, spreading risk, and potentially enhancing returns, similar to how they have done with related asset classes like gold and silver in the past.

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Another Crypto News of the Day: Token Drops 22%

The $FRIEND token of the social media platform has dropped 22%. This happened after the platform announced to migrate off the Base Ethereum L2 network developed by Coinbase. 

Crypto news: migration to its own network Friendchain
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The platform announced plans to migrate to its own network Friendchain. It called for users to secure a spot on the Friendchain testnet to qualify for a $FRIEND airdrop snapshot. However, some community members voiced skepticism about launching a new chain so soon.

Singapore Warns Businesses About Bitcoin Ransomware Threat

Singaporean authorities have issued an advisory alerting local businesses about the rising threat of an Akira ransomware variant targeting organizations in the country. The alert comes after receiving several complaints from victims of the Akira cyberattack.

Top Crypto News, Top Crypto News Of The Day: Solana Sandwich Attacks, Ethereum ETFs, and More
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Investigations by the FBI found that Akira ransomware has been targeting businesses and critical infrastructure entities. It is demanding payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to return control of compromised systems and data.

Authorities have advised businesses not to pay the ransom, as doing so does not guarantee data recovery and may encourage further attacks. They have recommended implementing measures like recovery plans, multifactor authentication, network traffic filtering, and system-wide encryption to mitigate the threat.

Crypto News: Base’s TVL surge, overtakes OP Mainnet

The total value locked (TVL) of Ethereum layer-2 scaling network Base has surpassed $8 billion. It happened  just days after it overtakook Optimism’s OP Mainnet as the largest chain. As of June 10th, Base’s TVL stood at $8.05 billion, comprising $2.14 billion of canonically bridged value from Ethereum and $5.92 billion in natively minted assets.

Top Crypto News, Top Crypto News Of The Day: Solana Sandwich Attacks, Ethereum ETFs, and More
Base’s change in TVL since June 16, 2023. Source: L2BEAT

Base’s ascent has been swift, notching the $1 billion TVL mark in just seven months after its launch in August 2023. It now trails only Arbitrum One in TVL among Ethereum scalers. Base also leads all Ethereum layer 2s in transactions per second over the last month, processing 64.86 million transactions. 

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