Trump Pledges to Protect Bitcoin, End ‘Un-American’ Crackdown in Republican Platform

Trump Bitcoin Election Crypto
Trump Pledges to Protect Bitcoin.

NAIROBI ( — The Republican Party has committed to ending the US government’s “crypto crackdown” and opposing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in its draft platform. Presented on July 9, the platform promises to safeguard Bitcoin mining rights and protect Americans’ privacy in financial transactions.

In the draft party platform, the Republican Party outlines its goals surrounding crypto and artificial intelligence (AI). These plans include ending what it views as the “crypto crackdown” by the current party in power. Additionally, the platform aims to ensure Americans can transact without government surveillance.

“Republicans will end Democrats’ unlawful and un-American crypto crackdown and oppose the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency,” the document stated.

Republican Platform Against ‘Crypto Crackdown’

Trump’s stance comes amid increasing scrutiny by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on numerous crypto firms. The SEC’s actions, viewed as a broad crypto crackdown, have drawn criticism from industry advocates who see them as stifling innovation.

The Republican platform aims to end these investigations, which the party describes as “unlawful and un-American.”

Trump Bitcoin US election
Bitcoin becomes a key component in the 2024 US presidential election.

Moreover, the platform’s opposition to CBDCs addresses concerns among crypto advocates about potential government surveillance. Central Bank Digital Currencies, or “digital dollars,” could give the government unprecedented access to monitor transactions.

By pledging to ban the progression of CBDC technology, the GOP aligns itself with many of the crypto community’s concerns.

Protecting Bitcoin Mining Rights

A significant component of the platform is the protection of Bitcoin mining rights in the United States. The GOP’s commitment to preserving Bitcoin mining contrasts with regulatory measures in other countries, such as China’s 2021 crackdown on mining operations.

The party’s stance is likely to appeal to the U.S. crypto industry, which views Bitcoin mining as crucial to the cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature.

Trump Bitcoin BTCUSD
The 2024 Republican Platform defends Bitcoin mining.

Furthermore, Donald Trump‘s backing of Bitcoin and crypto-friendly policies could influence the future regulatory landscape in the U.S. This approach may foster a more welcoming environment for crypto enterprises, potentially boosting innovation and investment in the sector.

The Republican platform’s pro-crypto stance could have significant implications for the market. By opposing CBDCs and protecting Bitcoin mining, the GOP signals a commitment to maintaining a decentralized financial system.

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