Whales Make A Splash In Rollblock Presale Amid Bitcoin & Solana Woes

Whales Make A Splash In Rollblock Presale Amid Bitcoin & Solana Woes

Although Bitcoin and Solana are starting to recover from recent bearish trends, experts have their eyes on an innovative new altcoin. This GambleFi protocol has attracted thousands of investors less than two months into its presale and experts believe it could offer some of the highest returns in 2024. The project? Rollblock. 

Rollblock provides investors with a plethora of new opportunities, including DeFi betting, enhanced security, passive income streams, and more. Here’s why analysts predict its returns could reach 100x in 2024. 

Is Bitcoin (BTC) Regaining Bullish Momentum?

Following a poor June performance, some investors believe Bitcoin (BTC) is starting to recover. Just three days into July, Bitcoin has shown a median return of 9.6%, sparking bullish momentum throughout the wider cryptocurrency community. 

At the time of writing Bitcoin was trading at $62,700 and had a daily trading volume of $20 billion. While this is just half of its $40 billion trading volume just one month ago, it’s a sign that Bitcoin may be rebuilding its momentum. With the launch of Ethereum Spot ETFs set to occur over the next few weeks, analysts believe that Bitcoin could rebuild to $70,000, with bullish analysts predicting a new all-time high in Q3. 

Solana Rebounds After Bearish June Performance

Much like Bitcoin, Solana is also starting to rebound. After falling to $120, Solana has soared by 10% over the last week and is now trading at $152. This has sparked bullish market activity, and Solana’s daily trading activity has increased to $2 billion. 

With Bitcoin’s price increasing, the demand for Solana meme coins has also risen, triggering an influx of trading activity throughout the Solana ecosystem. While it’s difficult to predict the altcoins future price, experts believe that Solana could see $200 by the end of July. Bullish predictions suggest that Solana could hit an all-time high in 2024, though its performance will depend on whether or not Bitcoin continues to rally. 

Rollblock ($RBLK) Set to Make 100x Gains in 2024

Experts believe that Rollblock could be one of the best investments to make in 2024. Pioneering developments in the GambleFi market, Rollblock offers superior security and scalability than traditional casinos. It combines the best of traditional and decentralized finance to offer a comprehensive solution unlike anything else in the market. For example, all bets are recorded on the blockchain, making them irrefutable. Furthermore, bets can’t be altered once placed, giving players peace of mind. 

Rollblock has already raised almost $1 million just three stages into its presale, having attracted several crypto whales and thousands of investors. However, experts believe this is just the start. 

The casino itself is home to hundreds of players. All time favorite games such as blackjack and roulette are staples plus it also offers exclusive games with over 150 opportunities in total. Furthermore, new features are always being added with Rollblock planning to add sports betting to its portfolio in upcoming months. 

Rollblock uses $RBLK tokens to power its ecosystem. $RBLK will be used for rewards and payouts in the casino, and will also grant holders a range of benefits. These include access to exclusive games, staking benefits and more. Additionally, token holders will be granted one of the most unique benefits in the GambleFi ecosystem: a share in Rollblocks profits. The project will allocate up to 30% of its revenue to buying back $RBLK from the open market, using half of this for holder rewards and burning the remaining tokens. This will make $RBLK highly deflationary, driving up its price as the project builds momentum. 

One of the key reasons Rollblock has quickly gained traction is its ease of use. Investors don’t need to pass intrusive KYC checks to play. Instead they can sign up with an email or crypto wallet and immediately start placing bets. 

With $RBLK tokens selling for just $0.015 during stage three of its presale, there’s never been a better time to get involved with this highly lucrative project. Investors who get involved now can also take part in Rollblocks Euros giveaway, during which it’s giving away $20,000 in prizes!

Discover the Exciting Opportunities of the Rollblock (RBLK) Presale Today!
Website: https://presale.rollblock.io/

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