While PEPE, NOT, and BRETT Crashed, RCOF Soars with Record Inflows, More Gains Ahead

While PEPE, NOT, and BRETT Crashed, RCOF Soars with Record Inflows, More Gains Ahead

Pepe and Brett have been the soul of the crypto market for the past few weeks, as PEPE and BRETT tokens delivered decent gains amid an overwhelmingly bearish market. Notcoin is one of the more successful new projects, and NOT token dominated discussions for most of last month.

It did take some time, but the bears caught up with PEPE, BRETT, and NOT. Now, the tides have returned to DeFi, and we have RCO Finance (RCOF) offering unbeatable deals and lifelong profits from DeFi trading.

It’s a lot to expect, but the RCO Finance project is up to the task. Get familiar with the new token shortly.

Pepe Whales Are Deserting the Token Already

Last week wasn’t too good for memes, as Bitcoin’s downward trading led to a massive dump in the meme sector. Pepe has always been strongly correlated with the BTC price movement, and the PEPE token price fell to $0.0000095 at some point on Wednesday.

The token is 21% down from the week’s opening price, and whales are selling their PEPE tokens already. Some 1.02 trillion tokens were deposited in crypto exchanges, and the technical indicators on Pepe’s charts can’t be looking worse.

Is Notcoin Dead Already?

Well, that’s what the recent developments on the TON blockchain look like. Notcoin is 52% down from its ATH this year, and the Tap-to-Earn game category is getting heated up already. Hamster Kombat is trending well on social media, and NOT is trapped in the bearish market.

As the NOT price dipped, trading volume followed suit. Notcoin’s 24-traded volume is around $312 million, down from about $1.4 billion last month. The latest community news could also see an NFT project emerge from Notcoin, and users need clarification about NOT’s future.

Brett Charts Spell Bearish Currently

Brett has also fallen victim to the bearish current in the altcoin market, as the BRETT market cap declined by about 22% on Friday. Trading volume is up by over 50%, but that must be selling activity, as the Greed/Fear index on Brett’s charts is 29, pointing at fear from token holders.

Liquidation started from the long investors, as futures traders have closed most of their long positions on BRETT. With the token breaking below its falling wedge, the question is how long the bearish period will last.

Most altcoins are trading sideways, thanks to the market-wide influence of Bitcoin, and most of their traders are pulling out unceremoniously. RCO Finance is a likely destination, especially if you plan to recoup the losses and gear up for a bull run.

RCO Finance: Profits and Longevity 

Profits are the only language every trader speaks at the moment, and since the bull run has been largely disappointing, RCOF is here to revive traders’ profits. Essentially, the platform is an upgrade to crypto trading, but you have ample chances to stay profitable even if you’re not a trader.

The Robo Advisor is the top feature of RCO Finance. It helps traders with in-depth insights into market activity while providing personalized advice on how and when to enter profitable trading positions. You will find you need it in almost every aspect of the platform, from trading to asset staking and even deciding what fits your portfolio.

On staking, you can be a liquidity provider, where your tokens facilitate token swaps for specific pairs or contribute to the lending protocol.  Trader engagement and activity determine your gains from being an LP, while lenders get commissions from the interests paid on crypto loans.

You also get trading alternatives like shares and Forex for times when the crypto market is in winter. Getting started on RCO Finance is as easy as getting a few tokens.

PEPE, While PEPE, NOT, and BRETT Crashed, RCOF Soars with Record Inflows, More Gains Ahead

Get Your Dream ROI From the RCOF Presale

RCO Finance is a trading platform, and opportunities abound for experts and new traders. It offers low-interest borrowing and lending options.

Get your RCOF tokens for $0.0127 each, and settle for 3000% ROI in a few weeks, by which time your $100 investment would have grown to $3,000. The tokens are in their first presale stage, audited by security firm SolidProof for the investors’ safety, so hurry before they get even more expensive.

The pumps extend till after the presale, too. Experts are optimistic about 1000x RCOF spikes once activity starts and the leftover tokens from the presale are burned. RCO Finance has plans for lifelong gains on RCOF.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:
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