XRP Could See A Repeat Of 2017 1,600% Rally As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Rebound

XRP Could See A Repeat Of 2017 1,600% Rally As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Rebound

The cryptocurrency XRP is attracting renewed attention with predictions of a significant price increase. This potential surge coincides with a broader recovery sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) also show signs of rebounding. Meanwhile, analysts are also predicting a significant rise for ETFSwap (ETFS), a new DeFi token that enables the trade of tokenized ETFs. 

XRP At A Crossroads: Analyst Sees Potential Rebound

Respected crypto analyst Dark Defender suggests XRP is at a critical turning point. As of this writing, Ripple (XRP) sits at $0.4294, following a rebound from the recently established support at $0.3917. Surprisingly, the price increase coincided with a broader market recovery, which saw Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE) rebound from recent lows. 

XRP’s price point holds particular significance as the “Point of Control” (POC) for XRP, representing the historical trading volume peak since 2014. 

The POC often acts as a psychological support level, attracting buyers and potentially triggering price rebounds. Dark Defender emphasizes the importance of XRP price, which is holding above $0.4294. According to the analyst, a sustained drop below this level could indicate a shift in sentiment and lead to further decline. However, the analyst cautions that this prediction hinges on XRP maintaining support at $0.3917. 

A breach would invalidate the historical comparison. Overall, Dark Defender’s analysis suggests a potential price surge for XRP based on the resemblance of the current price movement to a historical pattern observed between 2014 and 2017, where XRP skyrocketed a staggering 1,600%, dwarfing Bitcoin’s (BTC) gains of nearly 100% during the same period.

XRP, XRP Could See A Repeat Of 2017 1,600% Rally As Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Rebound

ETFSwap (ETFS): ICO Token Poised To Surge Above XRP’s 2017 1,600% Rally

Top analysts are predicting a significant rise for the upcoming launch of the ETFSwap (ETFS) token. Some forecasts suggest a potential 4000% increase, exceeding XRP’s anticipated rally in the coming weeks. This projection has generated considerable excitement (FOMO) among retail investors, experienced investors, and major institutions, leading to strong participation in their ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO). 

ETFSwap (ETFS) is a revolutionary DeFi trading platform featuring the utility-packed ETFS native token. Traders and investors use this token as a store of value and a key to accessing other profitable crypto and tokenized ETF investments. The platform offers various profitable and in-demand tokenized ETF investment options that smart investors fully utilize for high gains. 

These options include leveraged, commodity, bond, and fixed-income ETFs, with the potential to scale profit returns up to 40,000% with a 50x leverage from perpetual trade options. ETFSwap (ETFS) is redefining the ETF and crypto trading experience by introducing smart AI trading tools that seamlessly integrate according to user’s preferences and investment needs. Smart investors and traders leveraging the DeFi trading platform enjoy 24/7 market coverage on all cryptocurrencies and tokenized ETFs. 

They can freely open and close multiple trading positions and customize their trading strategies to secure profits and hedge against the risks associated with a highly volatile ETF market. ETFSwap (ETFS) stands out from centralized ETF trading platforms and competitors with its user-friendly interface and secure, private investment ecosystem. 

It caters to investors who value personal privacy and anonymity in trading activities. Smart investors and traders are not required to provide KYC or undergo rigorous registration processes to access trading and investment opportunities on the DeFi platform. With just a few clicks, users can access life-changing benefits and profits from ETFSwap (ETFS), far above what XRP will ever offer.


ETFSwap (ETFS) presents an intriguing opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the potential of tokenized ETFs. The ongoing presale offers a chance to acquire tokens at an affordable price of $0.03181 before the anticipated price increase. Take advantage of what many are calling the best investment of 2024. Secure your place in the future of ETF trading with ETFSwap (ETFS) and ride the wave.

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