ZKsync Will Airdrop 3.6 Billion ZK Tokens — More Details Inside

Key Takeaways:

  • ZKsync airdropping 3.6B ZK tokens (17.5% of supply) next week
  • Largest L2 airdrop to users, prioritizing real people over whales
  • Community gets majority of drop to govern ZKsync protocol upgrades
ZKsync airdrop
ZKsync airdrop

LUCKNOW (CoinChapter.com) — The ZKsync layer 2 scaling solution is planning for a major airdrop of its new ZK token next week. The ZKsync Association announced an airdrop of 3.675 billion ZK tokens to early users of the ZKsync network. This figure represents 17.5% of the total 21 billion supply. 

The total ZK token distribution.
The allocation of total ZK token distribution. Source: zkSync

ZK Airdrop Allocation From Users To Developers

This ZK airdrop is one of the largest distributions of tokens across all major layer 2 networks to date. It will reward those who have actively used ZKsync Era and ZKsync Lite, as well as developers, communities, and projects that have contributed to the broader ZKsync ecosystem.

89% of the airdropped tokens (around 3.27 billion ZK) will go to regular users of ZKsync who transacted on the network and met an eligibility threshold. The remaining 11% is for contributors like developers, communities, and projects building on ZKsync.

ZKsync airdrop, ZKsync Will Airdrop 3.6 Billion ZK Tokens — More Details Inside
ZK Airdrop Distribution (Matter Labs)

Additionally, a small 0.5% portion is for experimental communities like recipients of the DEGEN and BONSAI airdrops, Crypto The Game players, and holders of Pudgy Penguins and Milady Maker NFTs.

Users can claim their airdropped ZK from next week until January 3, 2025. The tokens will be fully liquid with no vesting period.

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Putting the ZKsync Community First

According to ZKsync founder Alex Gluchowski, awarding more tokens to the community than the ZKsync team and investors is intentional. It ensures the community will control the majority of the liquid token supply when ZKsync’s governance launches soon.

It’s a community governance airdrop, so we hope recipients will participate in governance, delegate tokens, and become active members.

Gluchowski stated.

He added the airdrop will “prioritize real people” over whales and bots through mechanisms like a 100,000 ZK per wallet cap. While not eliminating bots entirely, ZKsync aimed to reward genuine users and contributors to the ecosystem.

The remaining ZK token allocations are 49.1% for ecosystem initiatives via the ZKsync Foundation, 17.2% for investors (vesting over 3 years from 2025-2028), and 16.1% for the Matter Labs team (same vesting schedule).

ZK tokens are currently trading around $0.71 on perpetual exchanges like Aevo. At this price, the 3.675B airdropped tokens would be valued at approximately $2.6 billion based on the total 21 billion supply. This represents a major windfall for ZKsync’s earliest and most active users and supporters.

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