A new meta? $BLUI & Gramps Take the Memecoin Community by Storm!

On a seemingly ordinary Thursday, 6th September, the memecoin community was introduced to a new concept. ReMeLife, a project deeply rooted in social impact, did the unexpected. Spearheaded by its founder Simon Hooper, now affectionately known in the memecoin space as “GRAMPS”, ReMeLife launched $BLUI, a meme token with a twist. With no flashy marketing campaigns, no tax, and a fair launch strategy, $BLUI, with its quirky branding and strange mascot quietly went live at 09:30 BST. 

, A new meta? $BLUI & Gramps Take the Memecoin Community by Storm!

Crypto enthusiasts, always on the lookout for the next big thing on UniSwap, stumbled upon this new token. Intrigued by the unique memecoin and its 67 year old, mission-driven founder, word spread rapidly. In a whirlwind 8 hours, $BLUI skyrocketed from a modest 10k market cap to an astounding $3m on its launch day! Dominating the number 1 spot on ‘Dex Tools’ with impressive volume, GRAMPS and $BLUI were the talk of the town, proving that even in the volatile world of crypto, genuine intent and a mission for social good can create waves. The transparent launch strategy has gained some attention, some are calling this a new meta with their community growing quickly, now standing at over 3,000 supporters that have found the doxxed founder and social good mission to be a refreshing narrative in a space filled with mistrust. 

So, let’s dive deeper into what we have found in the world of $BLUI and discover the vision behind this sensational launch.

BLUI’s Mission: From Babazadeh to Earth and supporting ReMeLife

BLUI’s origins are as intriguing as its mission. The token’s mascot Blui claims to have come from the planet Babazadeh on a mission to bring Earth to its senses and provide tools for achieving equality. BLUI believes that Earth is on the verge of a significant transformation but needs a little help to realize its full potential.

The first action on BLUI’s agenda is to support ReMeLife, a social impact project. ReMeLife is the new-look for a company that was once called ‘RemindMeCare’, a suite of care apps active in a number of UK care homes, these apps included personal profiles, trivia, facetime and much more. With the advent of blockchain, the founder Simon(Gramps!) realized that it was now possible for interactions within the apps to provide crypto-rewards. Which means that ReMeLife can effect change in the community that it serves, incentivising carers and families to provide better interaction, thus, care-to-earn. 

BLUI Token: The Meme with a Purpose

BLUI isn’t just another meme coin; it’s a Utility Club Token with a real social purpose. While BLUI offers all the excitement and volatility of a meme token, it also serves a greater cause. Holding BLUI tokens gives users access to discounted pre-sale purchases of $REME, the native utility token of ReMeLife.

REME tokens are at the heart of the ReMeLife ecosystem, enabling users to earn rewards for care actions, monetize personal networks, and participate in DeFi staking opportunities. The BLUI token will play a vital role in raising both community and funds for the Phase 2 build, and completion of ReMeLife. Granting $BLUI holders preferential access to trade $BLUI for $REME tokens at a discount.

BLUI NFT Collection and VIP Club

To celebrate its mission and introduce its friends from Babazadeh, BLUI is launching the BLUI NFT Collection. These NFTs will eventually offer identity verification and online security but also serve as a fun incentive for holders to meet the creatures of Babazadeh and own these new creatures as NFTs. 

Furthermore, BLUI token holders automatically gain access to the Blui VIP Club, which comes with privileges such as first choices of NFTs, discounted REME purchases, airdrops, and exclusive merchandise offers. It’s a club for those who believe in the power of crypto to drive social progress.

Tokenomics and Distribution

  • Name: BLUI Coin
  • Symbol: BLUI
  • Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion BLUI
  • Exchange Launch: Uniswap V2
  • Initial Distribution:
    • 70% allocated to the liquidity pool on Uniswap for purchasers, members, and investors
    • 30% allocated to Treasury for Team and Project use (with 10% of the Treasury locked for charities)

As BLUI continues on its journey, they invite everyone, from crypto-veterans to newcomers, to join in its mission to bring equality and inclusivity to the Web3 era. Whether you’re a meme enthusiast or a blockchain believer, BLUI welcomes you to a journey of positive social impact.

For more information and to dig deeper into ReMeLife, visit the BLUI project website and follow BLUI on Twitter and join the Telegram community.


Meme coins are speculative and risky investments and may experience high volatility, market manipulation, and scams. Potential investors are advised to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before participating in the BLUI token ecosystem. This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice.

, A new meta? $BLUI & Gramps Take the Memecoin Community by Storm!

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