Accumulus, A New Force in Hong Kong’s Virtual Asset Market for Long-term & Stable Value, Launches

Accumulus Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (“Accumulus” for short), one of the Top 500 Enterprises of China, was granted an investment quota outside the Chinese mainland of over 1.1 billion HK dollars to incorporate Accumulus GBA Technology (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. (“Accumulus [Hong Kong]” for short) in Hong Kong, a signal that the company marches into the Web 3.0 business. Recently, the Accumulus Virtual Asset Trading Platform (The “Accumulus Platform” for short), developed and operated by Accumulus (Hong Kong), was piloted, with its official website launched simultaneously, providing on-exchange spot trading services for BTC, ETH, AVAX, LTC, FIL, BCH (six native tokens on public chains), and USDT (one stablecoin). It is catching more and more investors’ eye. While Hong Kong is striving to serve as an international virtual asset trading hub and will launch the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licensing regime, Accumulus, a new entrant to the industry, stands firmly for the Chinese central government’s strategic positioning for Hong Kong, follows the regulation and guidance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).


Accumulus leverages the resources of the Chinese mainland to serve the Hong Kong market

Accumulus enjoys rich resources from the Chinese mainland, unlike most overseas trading platforms. It dives down into fundamentals to stabilize employment and ensure living standards. In the merely seven years since its foundation, Accumulus has grown into the largest online human resources service provider in China, It has independently developed an intelligent application with big data, featuring cutting-edge technologies to help hundreds of millions of workers in new forms of employment (freelancers) find flexible jobs, which efficiently matches the supply and demand in the job market.


Accumulus proactively participates in global digitalization, embracing regulation, and offering stabler expectations

In the Chinese mainland, Accumulus constantly deepens the rational understanding of law-based development of the industry and principles for practice, chairs to set the standards at the provincial level, engages in formulating laws and sections to protect the interests of workers, draft industrial standards and carry out research on the rule of law in crucial sectors, and take an active and in-depth part in developing law system of emerging industries and security innovation. In terms of technology, Accumulus self-developed a risk control engine with over 500 risk-control rules and various machine-learning models built in, which has been tested by its 82 million users. The self-developed blockchain omnichannel credentialing platform has been selected as a demonstration project by departments of the Chinese central government. At this crucial time when Hong Kong is accelerating the development of the virtual asset industry, Accumulus is going boldly to Hong Kong to compete in Web 3.0 following the guidance of SFC. Regulatory, industry, and market now have higher expectations of virtual asset trading platforms that can better win over users and boost Hong Kong’s development.


Accumulus is committed to long-termism and will develop with Hong Kong in the next three decades

The Accumulus platform starts the business in Hong Kong, where the virtual asset sector’s regulatory policies have become more apparent. The Accumulus Platform faces up to any examination of corporate history and embraces regulation with honesty that sets high standards for user protection. Instead of seeking quick- profit, it focuses on providing long-term and stable services. 

Accumulus (Hong Kong) wants to develop together with Hong Kong for the next 30 years or even longer with calmness and conviction. To serve the Hong Kong market and investors in the long run, which is the vision pursued by Accumulus (Hong Kong), is made for the stable development and long-term prosperity of Hong Kong. 

In seeking diversified asset distribution, safe and transparent transactions, and long-term and stable partners, the Accumulus Platform that works together with investors, with the support from Accumulus (Hong Kong), will give us more choices.


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, Accumulus, A New Force in Hong Kong’s Virtual Asset Market for Long-term & Stable Value, Launches

, Accumulus, A New Force in Hong Kong’s Virtual Asset Market for Long-term & Stable Value, Launches

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