AgroGloryTime to Develop the Global Hybrid Distributed Intelligence Based on Agri-token

AgroGloryTime, a Ukrainian-based agriculture holding, revealed their plans to create a crypto-backed AGTIntelligence Network (AGTInw). The coming multi-functional distributed intelligence solution will use AGTI token as an accounting unit, which will add additional value to the digital asset. AGTI is an interest-earning token by AgroGloryTime, which is backed with the company’s real assets. With additional utility added thanks to AGTIntelligence Network, AGTI will get additional liquidity and capitalization. 

AGTI token holders will access the benefits of AGTIntelligence network via AGTInw mobile app, which will serve an entrance to the global computing network. Depending on the goals set, the global distributed intelligence will be utilised for solving advanced intellectual tasks, like distributed computing, decentralised AI-training, big data management and algorithmization, deep analytics and data science. Apart from that, AgroGloryTime Intelligence Network will serve for data in- and decryption, translations, building analytical reports, information storage and protection. Finally, AGTInw will become a ground level for launching decentralised applications (dApps) and other layer-2 products. 

The application release is set for January 2024.  

What also makes AGTInw stand out from currently existing distributed intelligence networks is the synergy between its elements. Each neural unit will consist of a user, accessed to the network via their mobile device, which opens up groundbreaking intelligence, intuition, and goal-setting capabilities. Therefore, AGTInw will be efficient in solving tasks of all complexity levels, from processing of scientific data, and global processes forecasting to conducting high-precision computing, neural network learning, as well as big data processing. 

All AGTInw developers will be rewarded in AGTI tokens, so everyone interested in sharing their ideas on AGTIntelligence network development are welcomed to join the official chat:

AGTI token: its role and financial model 

AGTI is the native asset of AgroGloryTime upcoming DAO, backed with the company’s real assets. Acting as a legal entity, AgroGloryTime developed their unique tokenization in a strict accordance with Ukrainian, EU and US legislation standards. At the following step, the AGTI token would be audited by SEC USA (under the Form D).

The AGTI price is sticked to AgroGloryTime company yield, which is shared with token holders according to the number of tokens they own. The revenue is distributed once a quarter in USDT. Thanks to its well-thought tokenomics, AGTI is protected from serious dumping or any turbulence with real land assets and infrastructure worth $50 million, which are controlled by the company. At the same time, each token is convertible into real shares of “Zakarpatsky Sad”, which is the head enterprise of the AgroGloryTime company. 

Please find more information on AGTI financial model at 

The case study on the AGTI profitability is also available at

The launch of AGTIntelligence network will expand the utility of AGTI, hence the token demand is expected to increase. Due to a limited maximal supply of AGTI, which is reflected in the asset’s smart contract, this could potentially lead to the AGTI price further growth. The additional revenue from token sales will be utilised for AgroGloryTime business development and, which means the company’s capitalization raises. As the AGTI profitability is binded to the revenue the company gains, this will also result in additional bonuses paid out to the holders. 

When reached for a comment, Daria Novhorodkina, the CEO of AgroGloryTime, warmly welcomed investors and Ai-developers, and expressed her confidence in the AgroGloryTime development course success. 

“We couldn’t be more happy to present everyone with an opportunity to step on board of the high-technology train which is already about to leave. You can both take part in a development process together with AgroGloryTime team and our fast-growing community or simply invest in AGTI – the first agricultural asset, backed with real property and revenue. Anyways, you won’t get stuck in the past amid the fast-changing technological landscape,” – she stated. 

About AgroGloryTime

AgroGloryTime is a Ukrainian-based agricultural holding, operating since 1946. Owning over 2000 ha of land, the company grows and processes vegetables and mushrooms for both the Ukrainian and international markets.

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, AgroGloryTime to Develop the Global Hybrid Distributed Intelligence Based on Agri-token

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