Aki Network announces major upgrades for a data-driven influencers-centered Web3 network

On March 15, Aki Network, a data-enabled Web3 network strategically focused on influencers, announced that its new website is going live. The revamp debuted astonishing visuals for Aki’s popular key products while rolling out new campaigns with zkSync ahead of the L2’s exciting mainnet launch. Aki’s brand-new website is being cordially received by Aki Network’s 120,000+ community members and 2,400+ influencers. 

An efficient way to acquire valuable, accurate information is highly needed in any phase of a user’s entire Web3 journey. This is where Aki Network has come to offer its unique positioning as a large-scale, data-driven network aimed to close the information gaps among influencers, projects, and all users in Web3

Aki’s solution to Web3 information gaps: Data-driven products based on an influencer-focused network

The popular opinions in Web2 marketing are that influencers may have become more cost-effective substitutes for traditional digital channels such as Facebook and Google Ads.

In Web3, influencers are also indispensable information hubs that match users and projects to each other more precisely than most other channels. Influencer marketing, therefore, will continue to be key to bootstrapping popularity in Web3. Strategically, Aki Network is more focused on connecting and incubating mid-tier/micro-influencers, as they are oftentimes aspirational opinion leaders cherished by a verticalized, loyal, and sticky follower base. More importantly, Aki Network is using data to carry out this strategic vision, because data has become the backbone of targeted marketing and AI-based analytics.

Aki Network has built out a comprehensive suite of products and services for more users and influencers to contribute to high-quality project campaigns and get rewarded accordingly:

Campaign Engine: Cold start is a major pain point for Web3 projects, but Aki Network has made it easy and efficient. 

• In-campaign referral tracking function ensures that projects can fully leverage campaign data to measure the marketing performance of each influencer and attribute results to specific factors. 

, Aki Network announces major upgrades for a data-driven influencers-centered Web3 network

Aki Network’s extensive reach of cost-effective mid-tier and micro-influencers supports superior campaign scale, return on investment, and authenticity. 

StarMap is a user-friendly dashboard where Aki Network leverages in-house, Algo-driven benchmarking system to quantify influencers’ Web3 impact into scores. StarMap provides intuitive, meaningful metrics like influencers’ level of follower engagement on social media, or how much an influencer knows about GameFi. 

, Aki Network announces major upgrades for a data-driven influencers-centered Web3 network

Aki derives insights from both Web3 and Web2 data sources, such as Twitter and Discord. 

• Aki Network introduced Aki Profile and Aki InScore as permissionless personal Web3 landing pages to facilitate data onboarding from Aki’s community onto StarMap, while providing influencers with more user traffic and commercial discoverability with projects. General Web3 users may take Aki Profile as a starting place to look for their favorite Web3 voices and ideas.

Aki Badges are soul-bound non-fungible tokens (SBT), currently on the BNB Chain, that recognize users’ and influencers’ contributions in marketing campaigns hosted by Aki Network. 

• Aki Reward is claimable to Aki Badge holders, in the form of cash stablecoins and/or incentives that allow all stakeholders to benefit from contributing to Aki Network’s rapid growth.

, Aki Network announces major upgrades for a data-driven influencers-centered Web3 network

Aki’s edge: Curating unique experiences for all stakeholders

According to the team, Aki Network is far from just a place to find quests or a way to verify credentials on-chain. In fact, Aki Network takes great pride in curating unique Web3 experiences for everyone. Curate projects: Aki Network’s dedicated research team handpicks the highest quality projects for its influencers and users, plus permissionless campaign tools for everyone.

Prioritize user education: Aki Network selects crucial information about the projects and presents it alongside the task list for fresh-off-the-boat users to learn even more about what they are contributing to. 

Aki Badge ensures that user efforts are well-recorded and accumulate to qualify for future incentives, such as direct rewards from Aki Network or airdrops from upcoming projects.

Incubating the future of Web3 voices: Aki empowers micro-influencers with direct exposure to genuine users and premium projects. 

Higher ROI on marketing: Aki Network’s dedicated mid-tier and micro-influencers enable projects to take home user contribution, influencer rapport, and valuable data.

Since its founding in late 2021, Aki Network has collaborated with 120+ campaigns, 2400+ registered influencers, 114k+ social media following, and 177k+ established reference connections.

From Aki Network to Aki Protocol

According to Aki’s whitepaper, Aki Network will gradually become the foundational data layer of a Web3 libraryAki Protocol. Aki Protocol is an open, infrastructural, multi-chain knowledge base that provides expressive oracle services while rewarding data contributors. Imagine a Web3 Google – Aki Protocol will introduce an open API that can respond to project queries like “list of fake accounts on Arbitrum” or “top 100 power degen NFT traders on Ethereum.” 

These answers are essentially clusters of on-chain addresses packaged together and categorized by Aki’s state-of-the-art Proof of Association technology. Aki Protocol’s open API product is only achievable with Aki Network by gathering and indexing data generated daily by its expanding influencer and user base.

Moreover, Aki Protocol will use zk-SNARK to make Aki Network’s products verifiable on-chain. For instance, scores, rankings, and tags on StarMap and Aki Profile will all be open for anyone to check and verify on a blockchain. Zero-knowledge proof technology further helps Aki Protocol’s open library API to protect the privacy of the native data from Aki Network’s contributors.

The flywheel among community, campaign, and data will be spinning rapidly for Aki Network and Aki Protocol to become a major data powerhouse in the Web3 Growth Stack with a special touch on influencer marketing. By curating unique Web3 experiences in a data-driven fashion for all stakeholders, Aki is strategically positioned well enough to capture the longer-term alpha as Web3 scales to welcome its next billion users.

Media Contact

Company Name: Aki Protocol Inc.

Contact Person: Sara Low

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://akiprotocol.io/

, Aki Network announces major upgrades for a data-driven influencers-centered Web3 network

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