Alpha Transform Holdings Announces Investment in Everscale Protocol (EVER)

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH), a trailblazing digital asset organization dedicated to propelling the evolution of Web3, is thrilled to unveil its strategic collaboration with Everscale (EVER), a scalable smart contract-based platform capable of processing an infinite number of transactions per second (network speed tests have demonstrated a 64k+ TPS), with sharding, dynamic multithreading and low gas costs.

With this investment, Alpha Transform Holdings will stimulate network development with integrations of additional partner wallets, new exchange listings, further project implementations and other network-building endeavors. 

“This investment means a great deal to the ongoing development of the Everscale network and ecosystem. As a result, new avenues of growth will open up that can expand what users are capable of doing with Everscale and bolster the network’s existing features.” commented Sergei Dzhurinsky, Founder of Warp Capital (member of the Everscale DeFi Alliance)

“Everscale has demonstrated a remarkable network speed of over 64,000 transactions per second (TPS) through rigorous tests, showcasing its potential for handling an infinite number of transactions.  This collaboration represents an exciting opportunity for Alpha Transform Holdings to support Everscale as it expands and scales,” stated Enzo Villani, CEO/Founder, Alpha Transform Holdings.

Everscale aims to become a hub for high-load applications with real use cases with the potential to radically transform modern finance. 

Everscale is a fast-growing ecosystem with a lot of investment and farming opportunities including dApps: exchanges, bridges, non-custodial wallets, and GameFi applications. All EVER tokens are in circulation and the asset has been listed on many major exchanges including KuCoin, Huobi and

Everscale presents a number of unique features. Execution of all interactions between smart contracts is powered by the Threaded Virtual Machine (TVM), which facilitates high-speed transactions on the local node and allows parallel transaction processing. To achieve this, many novel solutions, previously unimplemented in decentralized networks, were developed and embedded into the network’s architecture.

Everscale is:

Asynchronous, parallelly executed, infinitely scalable:

– Every entity within the Everscale network is a smart contract;

– Smart contracts interact by sending messages to each other. They behave like fully independent network actors the network;

– The asynchronous nature of Everscale rests upon its threading mechanism in which smart contracts are grouped into several subsets;

– With TVM, threads merge and split in accordance with the network’s workload;

– Workchains on Everscale are capable of processing 256 threads at a time, which is more than enough to execute hundreds of thousands of transactions per second;

A blockchain for blockchains:

– Everscale is a heterogeneous network of blockchains. That means that one network includes many independent networks with their own data, processing units and configurations.

– Unlike L2 solutions, smart contracts from different workchains can interact directly with each other;

Safe and secure:

– Web3 applications interact with the Everscale network by sending external messages. The Reliable External Message Protocol (REMP) was designed to add external messages to the same queue used by internal messages;

– Everscale features a PoS consensus with further decentralization provided by DePools, or decentralized pools, where users participate in validator elections;


– All decisions affecting the future of Everscale are voted on by EVER holders. This ensures that the network itself is focused on prospering and development.

Fair Disclosure: Alpha Sigma Capital Fund holds EVER tokens.

About Everscale
Everscale is a blockchain network that aims to power a range of applications that require fast, secure and scalable transactions. The network uses a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that rewards participants for securing the network and reduces energy consumption. Everscale claims to be a fifth-generation blockchain network that incorporates the latest innovations and concepts in the field. It can support various types of blockchains and applications, such as gaming, finance, micro-payments and online advertising. The project’s vision is to become a decentralized platform for high-performance applications with real-world relevance, and to foster an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) such as exchanges, wallets, bridges and gaming platforms.

About Alpha Transform Holdings

Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) is a driving digital asset organization dedicated to ushering in the future of blockchain-powered Web3. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we invest in and advise innovative companies and decentralized projects that leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional industries such as financial services, healthcare, media & entertainment, and more. We work closely with portfolio companies to drive value while creating outsized returns and are renowned for our detailed research on growing blockchain initiatives. Our mission is simple: To accelerate the mass adoption of distributed ledger technology through investments that provide impactful solutions with long-term sustainability. Our vision is an open connected world powered by secure decentralized systems so that everyone can benefit from the new tech economy.


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, Alpha Transform Holdings Announces Investment in Everscale Protocol (EVER)

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