Atari Joins NFT Craze With Launch Of ‘Pong’ And ‘Centipede’ Collectibles

Atari joins the NFT craze.

Long Beach (CoinChapter): Atari is the latest major entity to jump in the NFT market. The gaming company has announced plans to auction off an assortment of digital collectibles, known as the Atari Capsule Collection. These NFTs will use blockchain technology to uniquely identify collectibles for Pong and Centipede.

The collection will commemorate Dona Bailey and Al Alcorn who worked on Centipede and Pong respectively. Additionally, both were heavily involved the creation of these retro-collectibles. The auction begins at 7pm ET on Tuesday, March 30 with the final auction taking place Friday evening, April 2.

One of the companies that came together to make this collection was Animonica Brands. Following the announcement, Chief Communications Officer, Ibrahim El-Mouelhy, was extremely excited about what this could mean for the gaming industry in general.

“NFTs are the future of gaming,” El-Mouelhy said in an e-mail to GamesBeat. “Because at some point gamers will realize that all of the money and time they invest in games are purely on a rental basis.”

“With NFTs, gamers will finally truly own their in-game assets,” he added. “Which also means that they can benefit from them in more ways than was previously possible with strictly controlled game content (for example, by trading these game assets on the open market). We see true digital ownership and play-to-earn as the future of gaming.”

Atari NFT’s auctioned will be issued on Ethereum and Harmony

The Atari NFTs auctioned off will be issued on the Ethereum and Harmony blockchains. This will guarantee their provenance, authenticity, and originality.

The most rare NFT on the Centipede side will be the Centipede Flagship. This is a restored and working original Centipede Coin-Op physical cabinet accompanied by a fully interactive, Centipede Coin-Op cabinet NFT bearing the digital autograph of Dona Bailey. It’s the only piece in the Centipede collection to include a physical component.

On the other end is the Pong flagship. This includes a unique, fully interactive 3D NFT of the original Pong cabinet featuring a digital autograph from Al Alcorn.

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