Axie Infinity and Polygon (MATIC) Investors Jump Ships To Accumulate Tradecurve

Axie Infinity and Polygon (MATIC) Investors Jump Ships To Accumulate Tradecurve

In the crypto world, investors are always on the lookout for big investment opportunities. Therefore, when the presale of Tradecurve hit the market, it became an instant success. With massive growth potential, it has surpassed the market standings of Axie Infinity (AXS) and Polygon (MATIC). Thus, analysts are also putting TCRV above AXS and MATIC.


Axie Infinity (AXS) Fails To Maintain Momentum

On May 17, when tech giant Apple launched Axie Infinity’s game, Origins, on its App Store, the value of AXS witnessed a massive jump of 12% in just 24 hours. However, Axie Infinity (AXS) seems to be losing the positive growth momentum. Axie Infinity has been on a downturn after May 17, as AXS’ price has tumbled by 15% since then. Consequently, Axie Infinity (AXS) is currently changing hands at $7.02. To prevent its price from a further drop, Axie Infinity (AXS) has shared a new update about Competitive Axie Grants. Axie Infinity (AXS) has expanded the range of games that can apply for grants to Axie DoLL and Axie Classic. With this update, Axie Infinity (AXS) aims to provide its community with more opportunities to come together.


Polygon (MATIC) Partners With Taurus Amid Bearish Winds

As the popularity of the tokenization of physical assets is growing, the Polygon (MATIC) network is trying to encash the opportunity. Recently, Geneva-based digital asset infrastructure provider, Taurus, linked with the Polygon (MATIC) network to provide support to financial institutions, and large companies for staking and DeFi. 

A few months ago, the Polygon (MATIC) network was selected by JPMorgan to execute live trades using tokenized versions of the Singapore dollar, and the yen. The Polygon (MATIC) community hopes to see a revival in its price after the latest link-up. However, investors are uneasy with Polygon (MATIC), as its price has been moving southward for the past many weeks. The market value of Polygon (MATIC) tokens has plunged by 7% in the past month. Currently, Polygon (MATIC) is available to trade at $0.90.


Tradecurve Presale Raises Millions Quickly

Challenging well-established players like Binance, Deepcoin, Hotcoin Global, and others, Tradecurve has launched a unique trading platform that has changed the landscape of crypto trading. It allows the trading of cryptocurrencies, OTC derivatives, equities, Forex, and more on the same platform.

As per Vantage Market Research, the revenue of the global cryptocurrency exchange market is expected to reach a value of $949.70. Hence, experts have forecasted that Tradecurve can become the world’s leading exchange soon because the volume of crypto trading is growing ballistically.


Existing crypto exchanges are being criticized for several issues, including but not limited to few investment options, a lack of transparency, and high commissions. But Tradecurve is solving these issues with its all-inclusive platform, which will implement the proof-of-reserve (PoR) mechanism.

It enables users to trade derivatives with a single account, which can simply be opened using an email id. The platform also supports leverage trading, beginning with a ratio of 500:1. TCRV tokens have been developed on the Ethereum blockchain, with their smart contract successfully audited by Cyber Scope.

TCRV’s presale round is currently in the third stage with a price of $0.015. If TCRV tokens are purchased now, you can earn 50x profit on the invested amount before the completion of the presale. After their listing on Uniswap and tier-1 CEXs, token’s value can soar by 100x.

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