Basement Dwellers to launch NFT collection based on meme culture and gamer stereotypes

Basement Dwellers, Basement Dwellers to launch NFT collection based on meme culture and gamer stereotypes

A new collection of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) based on meme culture and gamer stereotypes will hit markets this October, courtesy of Basement Dwellers.

The digital collectibles platform announced in a press release seen by that it would release 10,000 NFTs from over 200 unique memes and gaming traits. Meanwhile, users will be able to mint the original artworks for as little as 0.069 ETH (~$238 at current exchange rates).

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In detail, NFTs are digital assets connected to blockchains that give buyers and sellers proof of ownership and origin. Unlike a picture that can be circulated online without belonging to anyone, NFTs trade like unique digital artifacts that cannot be forged.

Following the footsteps of the sports, music, and movie world — which saw projects selling NFTs for millions of dollars — new companies are emerging up to capture untapped sectors of the NFT market. So it seems, Basement Dwellers’ effort lies in the gaming and meme industry.

In addition to unique digital artworks, the team also intends to offer its NFT holders the opportunity to win super rare 1 of 1 Basement Dwellers NFTs airdrops and expensive gaming consoles of collectors’ choice — be it PS5, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, Basement Dwellers will give away a total of five custom gaming PCs (worth $3,000 each) to five participants who hold their namesake NFT in their wallets. Additionally, collectors will also get to stake their NFTs and get VIP access to exclusive member clubs.

“The Basement Dwellers Team will be establishing a fund that will be used to purchase back some of the available Basement Dwellers on OpenSea,” the team stated, adding that their aim is “to buy out the lowest priced Basement Dwellers on the market” and to ensure that “the floor price remains stable and strong.”


Basement Dwellers receive backing from professionals with years of experience in NFT, software sales, and Twitch streaming. That includes founders Nomanz, who has sold more than $800,000/year in software products, and Skitzzo, a crypto futures trader and ex Twitch streamer.

Meanwhile, Leya, the artist behind the famous CryptoDads NFT collection—with ‘floor’ prices currently sitting at 1.37 ETH and more than 8,200 ETH in trading volume—is the brain behind Basement Dweller’s upcoming 10,000 digital artworks.

Additionally, Mempool joins Basement Dwellers as their launch strategist. He was the dev team leader at Project URS which hit a record-breaking public sale raffle with $33 million deposited from eager buyers.

The Basement Dwellers Team also plans to donate $40,000 to charities supporting children in need.

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