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Brave To Add DEX Aggregator, NTF Wallet In Next Browser

Brave to integrate DEX aggregater and NFT Wallet

Privacy-focused web browser Brave plans to launch a new NFT wallet that will integrate DEX aggregator with non-fungible token (NFT) support.

In its Roadmap 2.0, the crypto-powered browser detailed its plans to add non-fungible token (NFT) support. This shows the company’s desire to introduce decentralized finance (DeFi) functionality.

Brave had been exploring solutions with DeFi functionality to make its network more scalable. The service wants to give users access to the best possible price from different trading tools through a single dashboard.

With the DeFi platform, there will be no need for third parties when taking a position in the market. By using the BAT token to pay transactions on the DEX, users will benefit from lower fees.

BAT tokens are offered to users as rewards for watching ads. More than one million publishers currently accept the token.

“The foundation for mass adoption and use of crypto and DeFi will be the Brave Wallet. Which will unify Brave Rewards, custodial accounts and best-in-class non-custodial accounts in Brave,” the service said.

The Ethereum-native wallet additionally will bring mobile support and a JavaScript ETH provider with API functionality. This will replace the built-in wallet that’s currently in use.

As for the DEX aggregator, it will allow users to swap tokens from within the browser and give discounts to BAT token holders. Besides discounted fees, the aggregator will also come with layer-2 scaling features and offer support for liquidity providers.

Brave users can expect less friction among accounts in the new browser version. Furthermore, the service will integrate BAT with IPFS file hosting, e-commerce sites, VPNs, and even search engines.

Brave expecting mostly user base to substantially increase by end of 2021

Brave currently has 25 million monthly users, a figure they expect to double by the end of 2021. The firm also predicts that the average daily users will increase from around 8 million to 17 million.

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