BudBlockz (BLUNT) Up 160%, While Hedera (HBAR) And VeChain (VET) Will Crash Further

BudBlockz (BLUNT) Up 160%, While Hedera (HBAR) And VeChain (VET) Will Crash Further

Experienced traders have found that the key to sustainable and profitable investment in this market is to invest money in blockchain projects backed by strong use cases that generate high long-term returns. Experienced investors focus on long-term value, even during inflation. In this article, we will look at the emerging cryptocurrency asset BudBlockz (BLUNT), Hedera (HBAR), and VeChain (VET). 

BudBlockz, the World’s First Digitized Platform for Cannabis Investment Rallies by 160%

BudBlockz is an innovative ecosystem that unites the cannabis industry and allows enthusiasts to buy, sell and invest in products and dispensaries worldwide. The ecosystem relies on decentralized technology to secure the cannabis market. It also aims to protect user data and ensure an open market based on trust. The platform aims to promote equal opportunities in the global cannabis market by building a blockchain-friendly community of like-minded people. BudBlockz provides a platform for users to explore the cannabis market and solutions for businesses facing challenges in selling marijuana, including seeds for sale, logistics, and data management.

The native cryptocurrency used by BudBlockz is known as $BLUNT. It facilitates the blockchain exchange of crypto assets, wallets, and NFTs on the blockchain. The BudBlockz ecosystem includes a collection of 10,000 NFTs known as Ganja Guruz. Users holding NFTs can receive memberships, special discount codes, partial ownership of cannabis farms and clinics, and process transfers through the BudBlockz wallet. 

BudBlockz strives to create a community where users interested in the cannabis industry can connect with the industry and other like-minded investors. The BudBlockz team will promote a platform that connects cannabis growers, clinics, and users. The ecosystem also provides DeFi solutions for users.

As the global legal marijuana market opens up, BudBlockz will undoubtedly impact the exponential growth of global marijuana businesses and farms. Participate in the $BLUNT presale event and watch your income grow exponentially in no time. Many governments have approved the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. According to estimates, the cannabis industry will reach a global market of $176 billion by 2030. BudBlockz enables cannabis stakeholders such as farmers, entrepreneurs, dispensaries, pharmacies, and buyers to use cutting-edge technology in their transactions without compromising transparency and security.

BudBlockz has much utility and could generate higher passive income than other similar coins. Invest in Budblockz Token and receive potentially huge profits in the future.

VeChain Launches Green Initiatives in Collaboration with the Government of San Marino

VeChain (VET) is a universal enterprise-level L1 smart contract platform. VeChain is the product of Sunny Lu and Jay Zhang and was founded in 2015. The platform uses two native Tokens, VET and VTHO, to manage and create value based on the VeChain Thor public blockchain. VeChain Thor is a business platform that supports smart contracts and data auditing. VeChain exists to disrupt traditional business models and is best known for its work in the supply chain, an industry that has hardly changed in decades. It provides decentralized levels of trust to multi-party ecosystems and has been met with great success by high-profile clients and government agencies. It has a circulating supply of $72 million with a maximum supply of $86 million. According to reports, VeChain is working on green initiatives with the government of San Marino. Its blockchain currently generates 4.58 metric tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to those generated while mining a single $BTC.

Hedera with Bitrue Unveils Flexible Shared Pools that Enable 2.4% APY Returns

Dr. Lemon Baird and Manx Harmon founded Hedera Hashgraph in 2018. The platform uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm for online transactions to ensure a high level of security. The platform also uses distributed ledger blockchain technology to aid transactions’ fast and accurate execution. The platform’s native Token is HBAR, with a total market cap of $22.97 billion and a limited supply of $50 billion. According to reports, as the first exchange to allow Hedera HBAR participation, Bitrue is planning to expand its partnership with Hedera. Since November 18, 2018, it has released a full set of new profitable pools. Flexible Shared Pool has also been upgraded from 1.8% APY to 2.4% APY and is available in Bitrue Power Piggy. HBAR token holders will receive better passive income due to this upcoming partnership. 

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/ 

Presale Registration:: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

BudBlockz Community Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

BudBlockz, BudBlockz (BLUNT) Up 160%, While Hedera (HBAR) And VeChain (VET) Will Crash Further

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