3 Watchlist-Worthy Cryptocurrencies Trading Near All-Time Lows: Calyx Token (CLX), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP)

Calyx Token
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The current debacle happening across the wider crypto market has created its pack of opportunities and discounted bargains, up to us to discover now. Amongst some of this week’s noteworthy bargains we find two top 30 cryptocurrencies, currently trading at all-time low levels. We will also cover Calyx Token (CLX), a new project currently in its presale stage.

Add some Flow (FLOW) to your portfolio

Flow (FLOW) is an interesting Layer 1 (L1) project that is centred around entertainment, metaverse, and NFT applications.

This project has been created by Dapper Labs, an entity that has gained recognition within the crypto world for having developed other popular projects such as CryptoKitties, a highly-popular NFT collection consisting of digital cats with different attributes of varying rarity that can be cross-bred together.

Flow, 3 Watchlist-Worthy Cryptocurrencies Trading Near All-Time Lows: Calyx Token (CLX), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP)

Like many projects today, Flow aims to address the issue of scalability, a problem that has been plaguing even the most established blockchains such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), mostly due to the massive influx in users following the crypto-craze of 2021.

Indeed, scalability can be defined as a blockchain’s ability to remain fast and cost-efficient, even as its user base continues growing exponentially.

Many projects, such as NEAR Protocol (NEAR) or Elrond (EGLD), aim to address the scalability challenge through a practice known as “sharding”, which consists in splitting a blockchain into smaller autonomous “shards”.

However, Flow argues that sharding “breaks composability” and undermines smart contract interactions. As such, Flow developed a unique network functioning known as ACID, standing for Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable transactions.

The Flow development team even went to the extent of creating a new, Flow-specific programming language known as Cadence, reflecting the project’s sheer scope.

Flow benefits from strong institutional support, boasting partnerships with leading names such as Ubisoft, Warner Music, Group, Binance, Opensea, Circle, and many more.

Flow, therefore, demonstrates an enticing track record for any entertainment-oriented crypto investor. Its native cryptocurrency, FLOW, is currently trading at an all-time low level, indicating a potential window of opportunity once markets have stabilised.

Internet Computer (ICP), the next-gen Internet

Internet Computer (ICP) is another promising project which has nonetheless seemed to have investors’ favor over the past months, with its native currency, ICP, currently trading at an all-time low.

Officially launched only a year ago by the DFINITY Foundation, Internet Computer is a very young project which, despite its poor performance since its market launch, has managed to fight its way through to the top 30 largest cryptocurrencies, boasting a market cap of over $1.8 billion.

Flow, 3 Watchlist-Worthy Cryptocurrencies Trading Near All-Time Lows: Calyx Token (CLX), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP)

Essentially, the goal of Internet Computer is to leverage the existing public internet to create a comprehensive, all-encompassing computing platform that would also leverage blockchain technology.

As such, Internet Computer features a core Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), named Network Nervous System (NNS). This DAO is one of the largest in the crypto space, including over 500,000 members, and uses community feedback to constantly improve and scale, notably through the creation of new nodes.

Moreover, Internet Computer placed paramount importance on user-friendliness, and its comprehensive platform enables users to access the full Web 3.0 potential while enjoying the user-friendliness of traditional Web 2.0 applications.

Internet Computer also adopted a user-first approach by developing a “reverse gas model”. This model results in developers having to pay to run their applications on the Internet Computer network, instead of users. This makes Internet Computer one of the most accessible and user-friendly networks on the market today.

On top of that, Internet Computer is one of the only entirely-sovereign projects, with no centralised cloud nodes. This is unlike other leading networks such as Ethereum or Solana, that have respectively 70% and 50% of their nodes being run by centralised cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others…

Internet Computer also claims to be one of the fastest networks currently in existence, able to execute around 250,000 queries per second, which makes it, in theory, even faster than Solana (SOL).

Internet Computer is therefore a leading project with a native currency, ICP, currently trading at all-time low levels. It seems ICP has been unjustifiably punished by the market, suffering from the secular decline across the overall crypto market – it could be a good watchlist addition.

Ex-Calyx-bur (CLX) Calyx token

Calyx network is a new permissionless liquidity protocol that is currently pre-selling its native ERC-20 token, CLX.

CLX is currently priced at $0.0006 and undergoing the second phase of its presale, due to end on June 6th 2022. Afterward, CLX will undergo a third, final phase, and it is expected to start trading no later than mid-July.

Flow, 3 Watchlist-Worthy Cryptocurrencies Trading Near All-Time Lows: Calyx Token (CLX), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP)

Calyx notably emphasises low transaction costs and a community-centric approach as some of its distinctive features. Based on the information provided in its whitepaper, the project is expected to launch a native decentralised exchange (DEX), CalyxSwap, along with a DAO called CalyxDAO.

As a result, CLX will represent a governance unit to ensure fair representation within the Calyx ecosystem, and the ability for the community to voice their opinion on important developments, as well as submit ideas to improve the project.

In addition, CalyxSwap is planned to become a multichain DEX and deploy on five major networks, starting with Ethereum and moving on to Polygon (MATIC), Fantom (FTM), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Avalanche (AVAX).

Overall, Calyx Token appears as an ambitious project up for an interesting presale. Down to the Calyx team to execute now!

Learn more about Calyx Token:

Website: https://calyxtoken.io

Presale: https://presale.calyx-token.io/register

Telegram: https://t.me/CALYX_TOKEN_OFFICIAL

Flow, 3 Watchlist-Worthy Cryptocurrencies Trading Near All-Time Lows: Calyx Token (CLX), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP)

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