Cardano-hosted Nerds & Virgins project burns over 7K unsold NFTs

Cardano-based nonfungible token project Nerds & Virgins has burnt over 7000 NFTs after fans minted only 2,903 of the total 10K available tokens
Nerds & Virgins, a project floated on the Cardano blockchain has burnt over 7K unsold NFT. Credit: Nerds & Virgins

Key Takeaways

  • Popular NFT project Nerds & Virgins has burnet over 7K of the available 10K NFTs after only 2,903 mints
  • The minting deadline came to an end on Nov 29, causing all unminted NFTs to be destroyed
  • The project is hosted on the Cardano blockchain and has exciting plans ahead for the commumnity

YEREVAN ( – Humor-based poplar nonfungible token project Nerds & Virgins has burnt over 7000 NFTs after its minting deadline came to an end on Nov 29.

According to the Nerds & Virgins team, the total NFTs minted amount to only 2,903. The creators have burnt the remaining 7,097 NFTs as planned before the launch. 

Cardano-based nonfungible token project Nerds & Virgins has burnt over 7000 NFTs after fans minted only 2,903 of the total 10K available tokens
Only 2,903 NFTs from the Nerds and Virgins Project found takers until its mint deadline

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Who are the Nerds & Virgins? 

Co-created by Ape Crypto and Lucas, Nerds & Virgins are a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. According to the project’s website, the NFTs represent the Cardano Community in a humorous way across multiple seasons.

At launch, each NFT sold for 45 ADA, Cardano’s native token. Despite initially limiting the mint to 10 NFTs per wallet, the team later allowed the community to mint as many as they wanted.

While the team has burnt the vast majority of the nonfungible tokens, this in no way means the project has come to an end. There are more drops scheduled for the future. However, there will be no more NFTs to mint from Season 1.

According to the narrative provided, in Season One the Nerds & Virgins have just enrolled at Cardano College. While each Nerd has unique traits, they all share one thing in common — their virginity.

As the project progresses, it will reveal new developments from the lives of the Nerds and their time at Cardano College. 

“It’s every Nerds dream to get laid before they graduate, so the Nerds are on the hunt! They are dressed to impress the ladies…. But will they meet the right one?” 

the project asks.

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The Nerds & Virgins NFT comes with perks

To keep the Nerd community going and engaged, the team has come up with a set of perks for its NFT holders.

There will be limited releases and seasonal releases that holders of the Nerds and Virgins NFT will be able to access. Additionally, they also stand a chance to receive physical collectibles in the form of merchandise.

According to the website, holders will soon have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Nerdmas and V Card Raffle. Nerdmas gives the opportunity to receive “Papa Prizes” as airdrops and get whitelisted before the next seasonal release. The V Cards Raffle, on the other hand, enrolls holders for V Card drop and whitelists them for the next limited collection. The website, however, does not yet make clear what these airdrops exactly are.

Before long, the team also plans to release Season 2: Nerds Got Laid, where collectors can hope to see some community action.

In fact, the creators have modeled one of the popular NFTs based on Cardano Founder Charle’s Hoskinson’s character. 

With Ethereum still dominating the NFT ecosystem, projects like Nerds & Virgins are drawing attention towards other platforms. Since the Alonzo hard fork and the release of Smart contracts on the blockchain, Cardano has been making inroads into the NFT space.

Meanwhile, some of the newly-minted NFTs are still available for grabs at the Cardano NFT marketplace. While only a fraction of the total digital Nerds found takers, it is great news for the holders. After all, the fewer there are out there, the higher their demand will be in the future.

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