Chainers to Reward Players with free NFT Distribution

Chainers to Reward Players with free NFT Distribution

Nov 11, 2022 — Metaverse game Chainers has announced an NFT giveaway to reward its community and build excitement ahead of the game’s launch. The next generation NFT metagame will allow players to lose themselves in exciting gameplay, design almost all their surroundings and even create their own gaming experiences, with limitless creative potential. The free NFT airdrop  will see players rewarded with free NFTs when they log into the platform, allowing them to accessorise and level up their Chainers

Chainers – create and play with the new metagame

Chainers is a free-to-play and free-to-start MMO game, with no prerequisite to own an NFT avatar if you want to join in. The game will incorporate a narrative-based storyline approach with mini-games and the potential to earn rewards. There will be endless opportunities for players to create their own games, in-game items and customise everything around, with creative in-game tools. 

Chainers is based on a UGC (user-generated content) concept, in which players can use in-game tools to create their own art/gameplay, which they can either use in the game or monetise as they wish. There are also no restrictions on the device players want to use – the easy and quick onboarding process gives players access to the game anytime on any supported device.

Accessories, Tools and Even New Chainers To Be Won

Owning a Chainer NFT character unlocks full features of the game. There are also a myriad of benefits to securing your Chainer as early as you possibly can. Chainer NFT avatar holders can log into the game during the promotional period and pick up free, limited edition collections of NFT characters and items such as clothing, accessories and tools for customising their Chainer, allowing them to level up on a daily basis. 

Full details on free NFT distribution are published and updated on Chainers website, so the Chainers team advises anyone interested to keep an eye on the virtual world’s social media channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and Discord, to stay in the loop when new drops are about to go live. The future of NFT metaverses is about to take a new mind-bending path!

Chainers, Chainers to Reward Players with free NFT Distribution

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