CoreDAO makes headlines – Airdrop on the way but Satoshi Plus raises questions

CoreDAO makes headlines - Airdrop on the way but Satoshi Plus raises questions
CoreDao airdrop

YEREVAN ( – CoreDAO project will Airdrop its upcoming CORE token on Feb 8, as announced on Jan 31. “More details coming soon,” commented the Network, without giving any more information away.

coredao airdrop

The CoreDAO community is excited

The tweet got a positive response from most of the followers, with some comments bordering on admiration, while others painted unrealistic expectations. Users shilling the coin called it “King in Crypto” and “long-term Satoshi spirit.”

satoshi plus
The CoreDAO community is excited

One CoreDAO supporter even went as far as to forecast a niche for CORE somewhere between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

coredao airdrop satoshi plus

Meanwhile, CoreDAO struck a deal with “responsible Validator” Everstake to be a validator on the Mainnet.

Guides and other useful content about Core are on the way. We’re super excited about this collaboration & looking forward to the great results for everyone involved!

commented Everstake.

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However, the Network’s consensus mechanism, Satoshi Plus, needed clarification for the many followers, and the CoreDAO team obliged by providing more details. But not really.

What is Satoshi Plus consensus?

As mentioned, the CoreDAO team posted a Twitter thread explaining the consensus to its followers. In short, the new consensus is a blend between proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS), with perks from both. However, the team does not specify if it also combines the downsides, such as PoW’s high energy consumption or PoS’s imminent centralization.

Satoshi Plus sets the stage for a flexible part PoS, part PoW blockchain, ultimately powered by the fundamental egalitarian properties of PoW.

reported the platform.
coredao airdrop satoshi plus

In detail, CoreDAO claims to have an answer to the Trilemma problem that plagues the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as all other digital assets. Any crypto must make trade-offs between optimal security, scalability, and decentralization, often prioritizing two elements at the expense of the third.

The project will soon launch its CORE token. But the users have yet to evaluate if the Satoshi Consensus actually negates the negative effects of PoW and PoS while combining the perks. Multiple DeFi implosions in 2022 clearly showed that in the cryptoverse, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, it’s better to crank the cold judgment over blind trust, regardless of devotion to a certain project.

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CoreDAO, CoreDAO makes headlines – Airdrop on the way but Satoshi Plus raises questions

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