Cryptocurrencies on the Rise: Stacks, Cardano, and NuggetRush

Key Takeaways:

  • The NuggetRush price has increased 30%.
  • Stacks has achieved a year-to-date gain of 295.4%.
  • Ali Martinez forecasts Cardano to reach $0.75 by December.
Cryptocurrencies on the Rise: Stacks, Cardano, and NuggetRush

Three altcoins have surged in the past week, recording double-digit gains as traders look forward to the upcoming market rally. The coins include Stacks, Cardano, and NuggetRush (NUGX).

Surprisingly, NuggetRush is a new coin compared to Stacks and Cardano. It is currently in the presale phase and is one of the new ICOs gaining attention in the crypto sector. Let’s learn more about this project.

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NuggetRush (NUGX), a Top Mining Adventure Game

NuggetRush (NUGX) is an exciting mining adventure game that caters to players of all skill levels. In this game, participants face challenging competition as they strive to establish thriving mining businesses. NuggetRush introduces professional entrepreneurs and artisanal miners to the platform in the form of NFTs. 

These individuals are essential in assisting players in establishing profitable mining operations. Players in NuggetRush can earn rewards by completing quests and participating in battles and tournaments. The game presents various tasks. They include setting up mining shafts, digging tunnels, identifying mineral deposits, and utilizing appropriate machinery for excavation.

NuggetRush has a marketplace where players can trade resources and various in-game collectibles. This makes it one of the best DeFi projects out there. NuggetRush is a community-driven initiative that fosters collaboration among users for greater rewards. Within NuggetRush, players can create mining groups, which directly enhance their rewards and improve mining efficiency. 

Holders of the NUGX token can enjoy several advantages, including governance rights and access to exclusive areas within the game. The ongoing crypto ICO for NuggetRush has already sold over 74 million NUGX tokens. Currently, the NUGX token is priced at $0.013 after rising 30% from its initial price of $0.01.

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Stacks (STX) Soars 295.4% on YTD

Stacks (STX), the native token of the Stacks network, has been on a price rally in the past week. Data from CoinGecko showed that the price of Stacks shot up 45.7%, crossing the $1.00 level. It is currently trading between $0.686951 and $1.23, with a year-to-date gain of 295.4%. 

A glance at the Stacks price chart shows its technical indicators are bullish. Stacks RSI is at 68 as it draws closer to the overbought region. Also, the token is above the 50 and 200-day EMAs.

Meanwhile, the Stacks team is working on the Nakamoto upgrade before the April 2024 Bitcoin halving. According to them, there could be high demand for Bitcoin L2s going into the halving period. 

Cardano (ADA) To Reach $0.75

Cryptocurrency analyst and trader Ali Martinez, known as @ali_charts, has shared a bullish Cardano forecast on X. In the tweet, he tipped the Cardano price to reach $0.75 by the end of December. Ali noted that Cardano’s current price trend resembles three years ago, excluding the pandemic-related dip. 

In 2020, Cardano reached a high of $0.20 and later peaked at $3.058, a 2,984.75% increase. The analyst predicted Cardano ADA could pump 70% to hit $0.75 by December. Afterward, the token could touch $8.00 by 2025 if the pattern continues.


The rise of Stacks, Cardano, and NuggetRush shows the high growth potential of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, NuggetRush is the best crypto for beginners, given its relatively low price compared to the other tokens.

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