Dash Investment Foundation Invests $100,000 In Quadency Trading Platform

The Dash Investment Foundation invested $100,000 into the Quadency Trading Platform. Quadency develops high-tech automated trading tools with algorithms that match basically any types of trading strategies.

The investment was made as part of the Quadency’s seed funding round. As part of the projects’ joint work on connecting Dash’s technology FastPass into a network of exchanges. The partnership will provide Dash users with the ability to interact with FastPass exchange members from one tool.

The Quadency trading platform has experienced tremendous growth both in terms of user audiences and turnover volumes over the past year. Which has led to the company finding it necessary to rapidly scale up operations and manufacturing capabilities.

Quadency co-founder Manish Kataria spoke on the importance of the fundraising efforts. To “overcoming the challenges of the rapidly evolving trading industry”. While also noting that “Dash network’s advantages of transaction speeds and efficiency will be of great benefit to investors seeking to operate on the Quadency platform”.

Dash Investment Foundation

The Dash Investment Foundation is the world’s first ownerless investment fund. Is investing in the Quadency project on behalf of the Dash Network. They say they want to align with Quadency’s goals and support the growth currently experienced in the company.

The network of businesses and cryptocurrency platforms integrated into the Dash network as part of the FastPass system. Are important facilitators for Dash users and community members and Quadency has direct connections with most exchanges in that service.

This will allow for near-instant transactions and efficient arbitrage along with fast rebalancing of portfolios. Which are features uncommon for similar coins.

Quadency also announced that their development team is in the process of implementing a significant update. That will allow Dash traders to interact with other users of the FastPass service via a unified instrument.

To make the agreement more attractive for masternode operators, Quadency is offering additional bonuses for users holding more than 100 Dash coins. This initiative entails the provision of prizes to the community members for using Quadency for market making on FastPass exchanges and services as part of the Community Market Making initiative.

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