Date From Hell? German Man Robbed Of $20K In BTC

Key Takeaways:

  • A German citizen fell victim to a crypto robbery in Colombia.
  • Rise in crypto related physical heists has made even hardware wallets unsafe.
Date From Hell? German Man Robbed Of $20K In BTC

NEW DELHI ( — A date with a 20-year-old girl went wrong for a German man in Medellin, Colombia, as the night ended with him getting drugged and robbed of, among other things, $20,000 worth of Bitcoins (BTC).

A Twitter post by the victim’s neighbor shared the robbery details. The thief stole five phones, all the victim’s clothes, a microwave, forks, knives, plates, and even the food from the fridge. However, the most important item on the list was a crypto hardware wallet.

Moreover, the victim had kept his list of seed words in the same place as the wallet. Though his ex-wife has a backup copy of the recovery phrase, they will not be available till Wednesday, Mar 1.

The victim has made the rookie mistake of keeping his hardware wallet and recovery phrase in the same place.
The victim mistakenly kept his hardware wallet and recovery phrase in the same place.

If lucky, the victim’s Bitcoin hardware wallet might go unnoticed since they were inside his luggage. The thief had allegedly drugged the victim through wine. Talk about sweeping someone off their feet!

Remarkably, the German gentleman’s plight is not a unique one. Robbing crypto traders and investors who use hardware wallets has increased.

In a May 2022 report, The Guardian noted that London had witnessed a rash of “crypto muggings,” where thieves target digital currency investors by stealing their phones. For example, per a City of London police report, muggers targeted a man trying to book an Uber and forced him to hand over his phone.

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The gang later returned his phone, but not before stealing £5,000 (nearly $6,000) worth of ETH from his Coinbase account. In another instance, a man trying to buy cocaine (yes, that’s not a typo) eventually lost £6,000 ( over $7,200) in XRP tokens to the alleged drug dealers.

Additionally, it is not just commoners that have suffered from crypto muggings. YouTuber MrBeast came close to losing nearly $2 million in Bitcoin when thieves stole his home.

However, it seems the Home Alone Gods were smiling at him as thieves left his hardware wallet alone with its private key written beside it. But, they did rob MrBeast of his TV, clothes, and other possessions, including his blanket.

The perpetrators had kidnapped and tortured the victim for 20 days,
The perpetrators had kidnapped and tortured the victim for 20 days,

In Russia, two Tomsk citizens faced trial for attacking a crypto miner and extorting him cryptos worth $4.8 million. Elsewhere, Kyoto police arrested Sugiyama Leo, the son of ex-CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Takeshi Sugiyama, for assaulting and kidnapping an individual to access his crypto wallet’s private keys.

Users often think that hardware wallets keep their crypto assets secure. But, it is vital to keep a few things in mind, such as using a strong password or not keeping the recovery phrase near the wallet.

Additionally, it is vital to keep the hardware wallet itself safe and constantly update the device’s firmware to ensure updated security.

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