Does Dogecoin Army Really Need Elon Musk as Dogefather?

Key Takeaways:

  • Dogecoin drops 13% in a week.
  • Elon Musk has a public spat with an alleged former Twitter employee, apologizes and offers him his job back.
  • Does the Doge community actually need a proponent?
Does Dogecoin Army Really Need Elon Musk as Dogefather?
Does Dogecoin Army Really Need Elon Musk as Dogefather?

YEREVAN ( – The Dogecoin community has admired eccentric multi-billionaire Elon Musk as if he’s the only proponent they would ever need. But DOGE’s 13% weekly loss brought the token down to $0.07, the lowest value since Jan 3.

Dogecoin (DOGE) daily price action. Source:  halli elon musk dogecoin
Dogecoin (DOGE) daily price action. Source:

So, what happened to upset the ‘Doge army’? One of the reasons behind the drop might be the Dogefather’s public and spectacular drama involving a Twitter employee who was allegedly fired without apparent reason and not even notified about it.

WTF, Elon Musk!

All hell broke loose when Haraldur “Halli” Thorleifsson, a designer from Iceland, tweeted he was left in the dark about his employment status on Twitter. The following Mar 7 message also called Twitter founder Jack Dorsey to the stand, along with large VC companies a16zand Sequoia.

halli elon musk dogecoin

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The message eventually got Elon Musk’s attention, who replied skeptically, doubting that @iamharaldur even worked at Twitter.

halli elon musk dogecoin

He requested additional detail, which seemed fair enough, but the sh*tstorm continued when Musk called the designer out for being “independently wealthy” and doing “no actual work” at the company.

halli elon musk dogecoin

Halli revealed to Musk he had limitations due to muscular dystrophy, and the billionaire went nowhere without his security, and even the toilet is not a ‘lonely place’ anymore.

Oh! I forgot to mention that I read you can’t go to the toilet on your own either, @elonmusk. I’m sorry to hear about that. I know the feeling. The only difference is I can’t do it because of a physical disability, and you’re afraid someone you hurt will attack you while you poop.

said Thorleifsson.

Please Abandon Dogecoin, Musk!

The drama has calmed as of Mar 9, after Musk apologized to the person who swept several “Person of the Year” awards in Iceland at the end of 2022 and offered him his job back. So what does all this have to do with Dogecoin?

Seeming nothing at all, except that DOGE jumps up and down every time Musk makes a public statement, which is often enough. Is it the time to abandon the “Musk tweets-Doge jumps” narrative, dump the personality cult, and embrace independence? That’s for each ‘Dogecoin soldier’ to decide.

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