DucksVegas launches on Magic Eden

For those who are just learning about DucksVegas, it is a P2E Metaverse encompassing in itself a variety of games inspired by the concept of the famous childhood gaming gentes. The Metaverse offers games that are akin to the retro arcade gaming catalog.

, DucksVegas launches on Magic EdenListings on Launchpad are one of the most important things for rising projects like DucksVegas. It creates more buying pressure, which incentivizes the evaluation of the NFTs and the development of the platform.

With the listing announced on the Magic Eden prospect for the project seem bright as the platform’s launchap is renowned for its success.

The project continues to expand its reach and presence in digital media. As a matter of fact, famous influencers with a huge following have shared and continue to talk about DucksVegas and NFTs online.

Eager to give an immersive metaverse experience, the developers of the project have created NFT characters modeled after Ducks with distinct characters and styles. The branding for the Ducks was developed in conjuction with British brand developer Teona Burchuladze. The said NFTs are residents of DucksVegas that allow them to partake in a variety of in-game activities such as playing P2E games, renting out their ducks, or participating in DAO in the form of DucksVegas Elections.
In DucksVegas Metaverse, players who grind constantly will receive more rewards in-game. Rewards in turn can be exchanged for the in-game upgrades, cosmetic upgrades and act as the monetary reward.

What was once a simple Metaverse concept inspired by a nostalgia of the founder, Nika Khaburzania; is now being actualized on Magic Eden Launchpad.


, DucksVegas launches on Magic Eden

, DucksVegas launches on Magic Eden

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