Edge Of AI Podcast Launches with Industry-Leading Guests

The Edge Of Company is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Edge Of AI Podcast, a captivating exploration into the depths of the artificial intelligence (AI) universe. The Edge Of Company is dedicated to empowering the pioneers of web3, technology, and culture. With the launch of the Edge Of AI Podcast, the company aims to provide informative and engaging content that demystifies AI for the layperson and inspires leaders and makers in the AI space. Distribution channels will include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, as well as over 10 streaming cable networks including Sling TV via Defiance TV.

The Edge Of AI Podcast launch coincides with the rising importance of AI in shaping various industries and the global landscape. As AI continues to revolutionize our world, the podcast aims to foster dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. The show will feature in-depth interviews with AI leaders, use cases and a special Dispatch segment highlighting key news of the day, powered by Metaverse Post, a news website specializing in covering advances in emerging technology.

The Edge Of AI Podcast features Ron Levy at the helm as well as other compelling hosts such as Eathan Janney, Joshua Kriger, and other familiar faces at the Edge of Company, all contributing their own insights and experiences, creating diverse discussions that captivate listeners and provide a holistic view of the topic. Ron is a published author, international speaker, and inspirational leader, redefining human potential through his visionary technology, education, and training company. Ron’s passion for pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential makes him the perfect guide. 

The Edge Of Company is delighted to partner with Startup Coil and Kinn co-working space to co-host a launch party August 2nd in Venice, CA, bringing together visionaries, industry leaders, and AI enthusiasts to celebrate the inauguration of the Edge Of AI Podcast.  Guest speakers include: Ramsay Brown, Founder and CEO of The AI Responsibility Lab and Mission Control, Jyo Deshmukh, Professor, Researcher, and Co-Director of USC’s Center for Autonomy and AI, Les Borsai, Co-founder at Wave Digital Assets and Partner at Wavemaker Genesis Labs. 

“We’re thrilled to be hosting this in-person live podcast to cast off on Edge Of AI’s journey” said Joshua Kriger, Co-Founder of Edge of Company, “We want to demystify AI and inspire a new generation of creators and thinkers. Our discussions will shed light on the cutting-edge technologies and ideas that are shaping our world, fostering curiosity and innovation.” 

The podcast’s development, many months in the making, was accelerated by  the June-July 2023 session of the Leonardo @ Djerassi residency for arts and sciences collaborations, where Eathan Janney, co-founder of the Edge Of Company, and show guest Dr. David G. Stork, a distinguished scientist and author, are residents. Leonardo @ Djerassi, an artist residency program situated in the Djerassi property, provides an idyllic setting for artists to engage in creative exploration and experimentation. 

Martin Rauchbauer, the Executive Director of Djerassi, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Eathan Janney and Dr. David G. Stork as residents during the June-July 2023 session at Leonardo @ Djerassi. Their presence and expertise will undoubtedly enrich our vibrant artist community, fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations and pushing the boundaries of artistic practice. We believe that the convergence of art, technology, and AI is a powerful catalyst for innovation and exploration, and we are excited to be part of this transformative journey.” 

One episode featuring Dr. Stork explores the advancements in AI for art analysis and appreciation. Dr. Stork emphasizes the crucial role of AI as a tool to assist art scholars and connoisseurs in order to enhance their understanding and interpretation of fine art. Another episode features Galen Oakes, a visionary digital architect and creative director at Future Factory, sharing his experience in integrating AI into his artistic practice and explores the implications of this integration for the future of art and society.

Edge of AI Website: https://edgeofai.xyz/

Parent Company website: www.edgeof.xyz    

August 2nd launch party details: https://lu.ma/edgeofai

Show subscription details: https://edgeofai.xyz/subscribe 

Twitter: @edgeof_ai

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edgeofai

About the Edge Of Company: The Edge Of Company, co-founded by Jeff Kelley, Josh Kriger, and Eathan Janney, is a pioneering emerging technology media, event, and advisory venture dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential. With a focus on web3, technology, and culture, the Edge Of Company aims to bridge the gap between these domains, fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration.

About the Edge Of AI Podcast: The Edge Of AI Podcast is a captivating journey into the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence. Hosted by a lineup of all-star hosts, including Ron Levy, Eathan Janney, Joshua Kriger, the podcast features engaging discussions with experts and trailblazers in the field, offering invaluable insights into the impact and implications of AI in various industries. By exploring the intersection of technology, enterprise, culture, and AI, the Edge Of AI Podcast unravels the mysteries and advancements in AI, driving conversations that shape the future of our world.

About Metaverse Post

Metaverse Post is a news website specializing in the metaverse, NFTs, AR/VR, web 3.0, and emerging technology coverage created in March 2022. Their journalists come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, but they all share a passion for distributed third-generation internet technology, decentralization, privacy, and the role that technology will play in our future society.

About Leonardo @ Djerassi: Leonardo @ Djerassi is an artist residency program situated in the picturesque Djerassi property, nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. The residency offers artists a unique environment to immerse themselves in their creative processes, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and experimental exploration. With a focus on art, science, and technology, Leonardo @ Djerassi provides an inspiring space for artists to push the boundaries of their practice.

About DeFiance Media: DeFiance is a one of a kind media company with a 24-hour global broadcast network dedicated to delivering video news and entertainment for the new economy. DeFiance Media streams live on FAST (Free Ad Supported Streaming Television) platforms SLING TV, Local Now, Rewarded TV, DistroTV, Glewed TV, FreeCast, Pzaz, Audacy, LG Australia and on social platforms Twitch and Twitter. DeFiance also streams an enhanced broadcast experience on desktop and mobile via www.defiance.tv. DeFiance is a National Press Club Member and Getty Editorial Partner. 

, Edge Of AI Podcast Launches with Industry-Leading Guests

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