Ethereum token ETH on its way to $2K outpacing Bitcoin – altseason ahead?

Key Takeaways:

  • Ethereum token crosses the $1,900 threshold.
  • ETH/BTC sees the largest weekly boost since January 2023.
  • It is too early to call for an altseason.
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Ethereum token ETH on its way to $2K outpacing Bitcoin – altseason ahead?

YEREVAN ( – Ethereum’s token ETH enjoyed 12% weekly gains, broke the $1,900 resistance, and reached $1,910 in the European session on April 5, year-to-date gains to 60%.

ETH eyes a path to $2,000, charts say

Notably, the Ethereum token traded in a technical pattern dubbed the ‘symmetrical triangle’ from May 2022 to January 2023. The setup entails two converging trendlines with a similar slope. The price action fluctuates between them, retesting the said lines consecutively.

Ethereum (ETH) on its way to $2K. Source:  altcoin season, altseason, ether ETH
Ethereum (ETH) is on its way to $2K. Source:

After a break in either direction, the symmetrical triangle forecasts a move equal to the maximal triangle height without specifying the bias. ETH broke the setup’s resistance on Jan 12. Thus, the leading altcoin’s target price would be approximately $2,300 in Q2/2023.

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Meanwhile, the Ethereum token inched its way to the $2,000 resistance, potentially within reach by Sunday, April 9. The daily trading volumes have been declining since mid-March, but several other factors point to a bullish scenario:

ETH/BTC chart prints consecutive green candles

The ETH/BTC chart showed a choppy performance year-to-date. However, the Ethereum coin gained a 7% weekly advantage against Bitcoin, the highest weekly achievement since January.

ETH/BTC daily chart. Source:  altcoin season, altseason, ether ETH
ETH/BTC daily chart. Source:

In retrospect, Bitcoin’s 2023 rally was mainly due to a questionable narrative that projects it as a safe haven against the banking crisis. As a result, BTC outperformed not just Ether but almost all the top-ranking cryptocurrencies amid the collapse of Silvergate, Silicon Valley BankCredit Suisse, and others.

Meanwhile, Ethereum’s recent success raised speculation that the altcoin season might be approaching.

Too soon to ring Altseason bells

Generally, altcoin season arrives when 75% of all altcoins outperform Bitcoin over 90 days. On the other hand, if Bitcoin beats more than 25% of all altcoins, the market is witnessing a Bitcoin season.

According to, a platform tracking crypto ‘seasonality,’ the digital asset market left the Bitcoin season, but it is still early to call for an altseason. The platform’s altseason index stood at 27 out of the possible 100.

Altcoin season index at 27. Source: altcoin season, altseason, ether ETH
Altcoin season index at 27. Source:

Meanwhile, a financial analyst with an extensive following,@tedtalksmacro, asserted that the market is moving towards “phase 2” of the path to altseason. Supposedly, during phase 2, investors would see “Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin, and we hear talks of the flippening.”

altcoin season, altseason, ether ETH

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Flippening is the occurrence of Ethereum flipping Bitcoin in market capitalization. As of April 5, the leading cryptocurrencies have a $320 billion gap in market cap, which could be difficult to breach. Moreover, Ethereum’s market dominance reached nearly 20, the largest advance since November 2022.

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