First Pepe On BTC, Wrapped with ETH, Closes Record-Breaking Presale; Gears For Launch

Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) shatters ETH records on PinkSale with a monumental presale achievement, raising an astonishing total of 498.84 ETH. The groundbreaking success of this presale has positioned $OPEPE as the undisputed leader in PinkSale Fair Launches, cementing its place in crypto history.

, First Pepe On BTC, Wrapped with ETH, Closes Record-Breaking Presale; Gears For Launch

With an impressive 498.84 ETH raised, equivalent to approximately $906,000, Ordinal Pepe has captured the attention and enthusiasm of the crypto community, setting a new benchmark for crowdfunding success. The overwhelming support demonstrates the widespread belief in the project’s vision and potential.

Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) is now poised for an electrifying launch, with a planned release date of Tuesday, May 23, at 4 pm UTC. This highly anticipated event will mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the crypto space. The project’s remarkable success during the presale has already established a market capitalization of $1,740,953, showcasing the immense value attributed to the $OPEPE token.

In a bold move that demonstrates its commitment to transparency and security, Ordinal Pepe has opted to lock the liquidity for 365 days. This decision showcases the team’s dedication to protecting the interests of their investors and fostering long-term stability within the project. Moreover, the contract for Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) will be renounced, further solidifying the project’s commitment to decentralization.

The launch will initially take place on the renowned decentralized exchange, Uniswap, allowing users to seamlessly acquire $OPEPE tokens and be part of this groundbreaking movement from day one. But the journey doesn’t stop there. The excitement continues to build around Ordinal Pepe as the project prepares to extend its reach through strategic exchange listings.

In the days following the launch, Ordinal Pepe is set to make its debut on prominent exchanges. Negotiations with a number of exchanges are already in progress, showcasing the immense potential of Ordinal Pepe to achieve new heights in the crypto market. These upcoming exchange partnerships will unlock new opportunities for growth, and expand the project’s reach across the globe.

For more information about Ordinal Pepe and to join the revolution, visit the official project website at Stay tuned for the much-anticipated launch on May 23rd, 4 pm UTC, and witness history in the making as the first Pepe on BTC takes flight.

About Ordinal PEPE

Ordinal Pepe ($OPEPE) is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency project that combines the iconic Pepe meme with the power of Bitcoin. With a vision to revolutionize the crypto landscape, Ordinal Pepe aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community where users can engage, transact, and celebrate the spirit of the Pepe meme. With a solid foundation of cutting-edge technology and a commitment to decentralization, Ordinal Pepe is set to become a force to be reckoned with in the crypto industry.

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, First Pepe On BTC, Wrapped with ETH, Closes Record-Breaking Presale; Gears For Launch

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